The Madness in March That's Running

7:01 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

It’s MARCHHHHHHHH! And that means “March Madness” is here! I like to call it the madness in March, but whatever that’s not the point. Why am I so excited about March?
I’ll tell you why…
March is the month I decided to start my running journey again. I’m really not sure if I mentioned somewhere else that I was going to start sooner, but I knew that March was the month for me. I realized very quickly that I needed to start strength training and weight training and putting the power back in my legs and in my while body honestly before I can even start to run again, since it’s been so long.
But I did it, I put my feet on the treadmill and I ran. Of course I would have taken it outside, but here in NYC, it’s a little too cold for ME to be outside. So I’m staying indoors until further notice.
What does this mean for my running journey? It means be prepared to see a lot more running related post, a lot of training post, race updates, whatever related to running, expect to see it because it’s March and I’m ready to get things going.

I know this post was pretty short, but I just wanted to check in, tomorrow is Friday and I am planning to get another mile done. Wish me luck! 

Until next time beauties.

Xo. KissTheRunner