Product Review: Emjoi MICRO-Pedi

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The heavens have answered me and I have finally gotten something I needed for a LONG time coming, a "foot buffer" if you will. Now I don't have the best of feet but I certainly do not have the worst. I knew that I needed to invest in one of these soon if I wanted to keep running because the way my sneakers were chaffing against my heels was not pretty.
So here's the product, the MICRO-Pedi (which also came with two extra rollers) is designed to, remove rough, dry and calloused skin from your feet while being safer and more effective than metal scrapers, which uses blades to cut the skin. 

Now putting the product to the test. I knew that I had some problem areas on my foot aka my heel that I would like to take care of, it was a bit rough around the edges and a little bit on my toes.
So I did a comparison, since both feet roughly looked the same, one foot got scrubbed, the other didn't.
notice on the heel there is some rough skin and dead skin on the bottom.

notice on this foot, the heel is smoother and there isn't as much dead skin around the area.

This took me about a two minutes to do, so it was really quick and simple. At first I thought it was going to be a project but that wasn't the case at all. But of course, you can take as long as you like until your feet are the desired smoothness you're looking for. 

But remember my feet aren't terrible, so I decided to give it a try on my girlfriend's feet, which if I'm being honest are more rough than mine and she actually has some dead skin she needed to get rid of.
Look at her big toe and examine the callus on her foot. Very present and understandably large since she's basically had these all of her life. 
Now take a look at her toe with the MIRCO-Pedi, yes this is a different foot but the callus around her toe has decreased and yes it became a little red due to usage. 
Again, notice the toe on the left looks a little more shaven down than the toe on the right.
I'm super in love with this product and I would surely recommend anyone whose is looking to purchase something like this to give it a shot. 

You can find the MICRO-Pedi *here* for $39.95.

Check it out and come back here to tell me what you think.

Until next time beauties.

Xo. KissTheRunner

*Note: This was a road test sample from Lipton Publicity and all opinions are my own. I was compensated in anyway for this product.

Three BAD Habits I Have/Had (EW)

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Today we're getting a little personal, who am I kidding, we're getting VERY personal. I mean, we all have bad habits right? (and if you don't tell me your secret.) So, I'm just going to share what mine are and maybe you can relate to them as well.

Truly I'm posting this because I am trying to get myself out of these bad habits. Some are gross and some just down right don't make any sense. Since it takes 21 days to get rid of a bad habit I am going to challenge myself to get rid of some if not all of these habits and you should too.

Here, we, GO!

1) Popping pimples/zits: Yup, right off the bat I'm taking it there. This is one of the disgusting habits I have to date. I love popping my pimples, my girlfriends pimples, friends, whoever lets me pop them, I will do it. It's something about feeling the actual pimple squeeze between my fingers that excites me. Sometimes I have to stop myself from asking people to pop their pimples/zits because I just know it's uncommon and most likely rude to do, but my goodness it's fun.

2) Leaving my towel EVERYWHERE: That isn't the bathroom. I don't know what it is with me but I NEED to walk out of the bathroom after a nice shower with my towel on, but I never like to bring it back to the bathroom to hang it up. It's always left behind a chair, on the bed, on top of clothes, just anywhere that isn't the bathroom. But of course a wet towel leave wet traces and because of that everything gets wet. You think I'll be annoyed by the wet clothes by now right? Nope.

3) Picking my nose: Listen, I don't know when this habit started, but it's here and kind of annoying, but not my fault. It's cold in NYC the air is dry around this time and my snot just turns into boogers, or something like that. Blah, blah it gets hard to breathe and suddenly I am looking at my fingers wondering if I got the biggest, fattest booger out of my right nostril. It's not all bad, but at least I don't eat them. Ah.

Anyway, these are my habits, what are yours? Share them with me down below and of course, help me get over these pleaseeeeeee.

Until next time.

Xo. KissTheRunner

Women Take FOREVER to get Race Day Ready! (with emojis)

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We've all been there, looking at the closet or in the drawers, staring, asking yourself "what should I wear to this race?" You have to take into account the weather, if your outfits matches, will you be comfortable, is it breathable? The whole nine yards.

But, what is it really? Why do you find yourself staring at the closet or drawers for hours on end? What does it come down to? How are you using your time in the mornings? 

Here's the real deal...

1) Too many options, sneakers included. When you have too many to choose from, it just becomes harder to concentrate on what you feel like wearing. No one wants to throw on just anything, making sure you look good is all apart of race day preparation.

2) Where's the bag and what's in it? Looking for the clear plastic bag? Or maybe the expandable pouch. You money, keys and race day fuel are all things that need to be packed. But of course you can't find anything since the last time you ran, so, here comes the search and rescue mission.

3) Makeup anyone? Oh remember that time you said you weren't going to wear makeup because you were running and it didn't make sense? Well here you are throwing on that mascara, concealer, lip gloss and whatever else you wear all for those free race day photos.

4) Did you eat yet? Because there's that. Yes, FOOD! The one thing that can get a runner going is a nice slice of bread, with peanut butter and bananas, or oatmeal. Whichever, the food is a must and sometimes it can't be taken on the go. 

5) How many times did you use the bathroom? The one time you woke up and went to the bathroom, that isn't enough and you know it. I'm sure you went to the bathroom two or three times after that. Especially if you had a heavy dinner. AKA pasta. 


6) What's on TV? If you're like me, you need the TV to be on. Getting ready with nothing in the background is just disappointing. But with this, you're also watching, which means sitting on the couch and not getting ready so of course that delays you from getting ready.

7) Meeting up with friends? Have kids? I don't have kids but I know they are a handful and when you're trying to get them out the door, it's a hassle. However, I sometimes like to meet up with friends. Checking on them over the span on time you're supposed to be getting ready, making sure they've woken up, the meeting spot is still the same. Yes, yes and yes, those friends and constant messages and phone calls can also be the reason for your delay. 

I'm sure there are A LOT more things I can think of that take us forever to get ready, but when it comes down to it, we're there, fabulous and ready to run while looking our best as if nothing ever happened in the morning. 

Until next time, 

Xo. KissTheRunner 

The Madness in March That's Running

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It’s MARCHHHHHHHH! And that means “March Madness” is here! I like to call it the madness in March, but whatever that’s not the point. Why am I so excited about March?
I’ll tell you why…
March is the month I decided to start my running journey again. I’m really not sure if I mentioned somewhere else that I was going to start sooner, but I knew that March was the month for me. I realized very quickly that I needed to start strength training and weight training and putting the power back in my legs and in my while body honestly before I can even start to run again, since it’s been so long.
But I did it, I put my feet on the treadmill and I ran. Of course I would have taken it outside, but here in NYC, it’s a little too cold for ME to be outside. So I’m staying indoors until further notice.
What does this mean for my running journey? It means be prepared to see a lot more running related post, a lot of training post, race updates, whatever related to running, expect to see it because it’s March and I’m ready to get things going.

I know this post was pretty short, but I just wanted to check in, tomorrow is Friday and I am planning to get another mile done. Wish me luck! 

Until next time beauties.

Xo. KissTheRunner

I'm BACCCCKKKKK ; My First Race?

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I needed a break from blogging, like seriously. I needed to take a month away from blogging because I needed to figure out if this is something I really wanted to do and it is. So now that I have cleared my mind and realized that this is a passion of mine, I have so many blogs planned out, so many races lined up (in my head,) and it's just time to put everything in motion. 

I'm thinking about what my first race should be and what my first half marathon is going to be, so if you guys have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. But here are my ideas so far. 


So these are races I am considering for this year and of course I am considering to do the Trenton Half Marathon as my first half back into my "half marathon journey." I am also considering doing the NYC Marathon, providing I get it via the lottery but if I don't then I will consider doing another marathon for next year. 

That is it for this blog, right now I am going to try to blog once a week and then hopefully get back to blogging three times a week. There's a lot of things going on right now and I am just trying to devote my time equally without anything taking a backseat. 

Until next time beauties. 

Xo. KissTheRunner