New Balance 5th Ave Mile

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Let's talk about how I ran the New Balance 5th Ave mile a few weeks ago.

I was invited again by NYRR for a second year in a row to run the media heat and this time I received a pair of New Balance sneakers as well. Now at first I thought, "No way, I'm not going to get a pair of sneakers," but then a couple of days later I received an email that said, "please send us your shoe size," WHAT?! Me? New sneakers? Who doesn't want that?
Anyway, I head down to the city with my girlfriend to pick up my race materials. I am hoping and praying that my legs don't give out on me and that I am going to run this race straight through.

So maybe you're thinking "It's only a mile, what's the issue?" The issue is that I haven't really been running miles "straight through" and I know my endurance has slightly shifted in the last few months. I was too busy thinking about last year's time of 9:03 that I didn't even think about what I could possibly do this year.

Because of this, I set out a time in my head of 10 minutes. 10 whole minutes to run a mile. I knew that was at least doable and I knew that I didn't have anything to lose if I didn't make the 10 minute mark, but I was also going to be very disappointed if I missed it. But that was the goal I gave myself. 10 minutes.

I stand in the corral with the rest of the media heat runners and wait for the gun to go off, I can feel myself starting to become more and more nervous as the minutes count down in my head. Everyone is cheering me on and complimenting me on my blue lipstick, but all I can think about is running as fast as I can.
The gun goes off... And I'm running, feeling good about myself but realizing that there is a steady incline approaching. "Was this always here?" I say to myself, but there is no point in trying to argue, I have to run.

When I'm running, all I can think about is trying to make my goal of 10 minutes. I don't want anything less than that. I want to make this goal and succeed. And that's what I did...
I crossed the finish line at 9:48. Not a PR from last year but certainty better than the goal I had set for myself. This mile has set a good example of what I am going to do for the NYC Marathon and I couldn't be more sure of November 6th. 

Thank you again to NYRR and New Balance for inviting me to run this race and for the great sneakers! 

Until next time beauties

Xo. KissTheRunner