Am I Deferring the NYC Marathon?

6:25 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Lately I have been feeling very confident about the NYC marathon and running in general. I felt good, a little uneasy but still ready to tackle on any challenge I might have faced. However, yesterday I was so nervous and concerned for myself because I set out to do a 12 mile long run and only completed four out of the 12 miles.

Now, if anyone knows when training, you long runs are you friend and your enemy. You need them to aid and guide your training but they can also be daunting and a eye opener on what your body can handle.

I was confident and ready to tackle on the run, even if that meant running in the hot scolding heat at the New York City. Now mind you, my last long run was 10 miles on a treadmill. Yes, I know very different from running outside. But I was confident in myself and setting out to run those 12 miles because I've ran half marathons before with little to no training and have come out injury free.

So what made this run so different?

I was in my head a lot, which is no excuse but just explaining what happened, it was hot and I was feeling very nauseous but I wanted to keep going because I knew this was something I had to do. I was slightly worried about where I was running to since I haven't don't it before, but when the distance was calculated, I had my eyes on the prize, running 12 miles.

Of course things don't go as planned and in the middle of mile four, I was over it, almost on the verge of tears, wondering if I can even run this marathon, if I made the right decision, can I defer and wait until next year and build my body stronger while actually taking the time to pick a plan that I can work with fully and not just half ass it.

All of these thoughts ran through my mind and I took to Faceook, voicing my concerns and feelings about the upcoming marathon. I got very genuine feedback saying "don't give up," and "you're having a bad run, everyone has them." I even got some comments saying others were thinking about deffering as well. So in that regard I knew I wasn't alone.

As of right now, I am still going to run the marathon and push through this training. This means I need to work harder and smarter and make sure I am not fooling around. I know we're down to less than 80 days for the marathon and I couldn't be more excited. I just hope I am one of the 50,000+ people that gets to cross the finish line this year.

Until next time beauties.

Xo. KissTheRunner