I'm Here With A Brief Life Update!

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Beauties! Oh I'm so sorry I've been away for almost a month but a lot of personal things have been going on and I just haven't gotten a chance to sit down and come to you guys with a post. Currently I'm in the process of moving, as well as looking for another job, but also transferring jobs.. Oh just so much and we'll catch up on at a later date. 

Also, there are a lot of great post lined up for you beauties such as: 

Brooklyn Half Race Recap
Retro 4 Miler Race Recap 
Learn to love taking care of yourself 
Get to know me tag
What marathon training plan did I pick? 
A BUNCH of marathon training weekly updates... 
A video of my "coming out" story, where I am in the process and how it's affected me... 

I swear a lot of good things are coming, I'm just looking to get life situated. So let's shoot for another talk next week? 

Until next time beauties

Xo. KissTheRunner