Finally: The Brooklyn Half Recap

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Beauties! This post is loooooooooooooooong overdue but I'm finally going to blog about the Brooklyn Half! (pause for excitement) as I mentioned in my past post "A brief life update," I'm currently in the process of moving, starting a new job, looking for a new job and amongst other things. But let's just jump right into what we're all here for.... 

I remember waking up on race day morning feeling as if I didn't know how I was going to do when running this race. I understood that I had no training and the last half marathon I ran was the NYC Half. So for me I had a feeling this was going to be a three hour or more race for me. 

The day was already cold and the forecast called for rain at some point in the day but it just didn't say when. It was also very cloudy and not the typical "Brooklyn half" weather we're used to seeing on race day. But I still ran in a sleeveless shirt since that's what I've already picked out from the night before and I know I get very hot when I run. 

This course definitely felt harder than it has the two years previous. Again, this was a course I've done with very little training and I expected it to be hard, but something about this just felt very different. I tried to keep up with a pace team, but after mile one I quickly realized that wasn't a good idea, but it's something to look forward to. 

As I kept running I saw several people that I knew along the course, Johanna, Amy, Schnelle, Olivia and Jillian. I passed Johanna and Amy around mile five or six and I did a couple of miles with Schnelle, (maybe miles eight and nine) before she took for in front of me and started running her own pace. And then caught up with Olivia and Jillian around mile nine and pretty much stuck with them until the end. 

Running with Olivia and Jillian was so helpful because at times where I feel like I lacked they both had tons of energy which made me want to stick with them. I didn't run with them in any real capacity, but just know we were so close to each other on the course was very helpful. 

Around mile 12 I was already over running down Ocean Parkway, that long flat stretch wasn't anything to overlook. This part of the course is boring, not a lot of cheer sections, (but certainty more than the park) and a constant looking at avenues and trees with each passing second. But I remembered telling myself "you're inside mile 12, once you hit 13, you'll be fine." 

Once I got to mile 13 it was a serious dash to the finish line, but I knew to take my time because it's tricky, you're at mile 13 but you know you can't seriously dash until about the 200 meter mark. 

So I cross the finish line. Tired, spent and just wanting to eat. 2:59:00. Under the three hour mark which was very exciting for me. Because the NYC Half I completed in 3:17:05.. Which means an 18:05 minute improvement time in just two months and no training at all. 

Still haven't PR'ed and haven't done so in awhile when it comes to halfs, but with the proper training I know I will PR soon and make that grand time of 2:45:00

Afterwards my girlfriend met me at the finish line and we headed to the beach for a few minutes before quickly realizing it was too cold to stay out there, so we left, but not after we've had a nice  it quick picnic. 

That's all beauties. Until the next time. 

Xo. KissTheRunner 

I'm Here With A Brief Life Update!

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Beauties! Oh I'm so sorry I've been away for almost a month but a lot of personal things have been going on and I just haven't gotten a chance to sit down and come to you guys with a post. Currently I'm in the process of moving, as well as looking for another job, but also transferring jobs.. Oh just so much and we'll catch up on at a later date. 

Also, there are a lot of great post lined up for you beauties such as: 

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A video of my "coming out" story, where I am in the process and how it's affected me... 

I swear a lot of good things are coming, I'm just looking to get life situated. So let's shoot for another talk next week? 

Until next time beauties

Xo. KissTheRunner