Six Themed 5K's You'll be Sure to Enjoy.

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So you’re thinking about exploring this wonderful world we like to call “running,” but you’re not sure where to start, what races to run or even how to go about finding runs around your city. I always find it refreshing and exciting when new runners ask me what distance to run and I always recommend starting out with a light hearted and fun 5K, nothing that adds pressure, just something to get you up and out of the house with a group of friends.

So here are six races that you can consider when you’re ready to run your first race. Some of these races have runs in multiple states and others are based in my hometown of NYC.

Let’s get started….

1) The Color Run: One of the fastest growing and best (in my opinion,) 5K’s out there. You get a cool white shirt that you can use just for getting paint thrown all over you, the race sells a variety of “color run” swag to use along the course and there’s no time limit as to how long you can be on the course. When you get to each color station, you can stop and have the color thrown on you and you can either roll around in it if you feel like it. And at the end of the course, you can enjoy a color party and have more color thrown on you. Find your city and register at:

2) Rugged Maniac: Don’t like running your typical race? Not to worry, this 5K is an obstacle mud run course. So you can tackle running under and through the mud, all while conquering 3.1 miles while not realizing it. Before and after the race you can party with the DJ, ride on mechanical bulls, receive a medal and beer, if you’re of age of course. Find your city and register at:

3) R.O.C Race: formerly known as the Wipeout run before undergoing a name change. This race is based on the game show Wipeout. Multiple obstacles that take place on the course and a lot of them are water friendly. This is a great way to cool off and have fun in the summer time all while running a 5K. Find your city and register at:

4) Chardonnay Run: With the slogan “Race Then Taste,” you do exactly just that. Run your race and then enjoy wine and cheese at the finish line with a DJ ready for you to party the day away. The race organizers also suggest that this race is perfect for picnics, so of course after a run, food and drinks is the best way to celebrate. Find your race and register at:

5) Firefly Run: One of the 5K’s that take place at night, when I mean at night, I mean night. 7:00pm start time, course only lit up by streetlights and glow stick from other runners. This race can be a littler intimidating if you’re not comfortable with running and if you’re not comfortable with darkness, but can also be very comfortable with a group of friends. Of course at the end of the race there’s a big glow party where you can your friends can enjoy music and dance until it’s time to find some food. Find your city and register at:

6) New York City Pizza Run: This is the one I am excited to run myself. It’s a run just for us pizza lovers out there. This run is only two miles but who can resist pizza? On the course of this two-mile run, you stop to eat three slices of pizza. I mean, this might be hard to run and eat pizza at the same time, but who cares? Pizza is offered at the race, so take advantage. The website hasn’t been updated to reflect the 2016 date, but you can visit the website for updates at: 

I will definitely have more updates for you on fun races, but here's a small list. 

Until next time beauties,

Xo. KissTheRunner