Quote of the Week: Keep Moving

9:14 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

This week was a weird one for me, but also a very empowering and insightful week. I was battling if I made the right choice in my life career wise, I was getting a lot of pressure from a family member in regards to monetary value of my job. I let that get to me for a bit, I thought about quitting my current job, the one I love, the one I enjoy going to because of this one thought. 

And then I thought to myself, why would I quit? Why would I quit something I enjoy doing to pleasure someone else? That didn't make any sense to me. I had a conversation with my girlfriend Tuesday night about this particular topic and the phase we took away from the night was "Keep Moving." 

But what about this spoke to me that night? 

It reminded me to push myself harder and more to never stop loving my career, it reminded me to always look on the brighter side of things, to remember that it's ok to be busy and there's always something else to be done to improve your life and your happiness. This doesn't necessarily equate to something fitness related, but if that's what helps you then beyond means, do it. 

I started painting my nails more, picked up blogging again, (in a serious way) currently in the process of making a workout schedule for myself, in the process of rebranding myself and this website so I can start gaining outside clients. I can go on and on about what I'm currently doing, but that's not what this is about, this is about always pushing yourself forward and continuing to make that next step, when you've already made "the next step." 

Remember, keep moving. In whatever form that means to you. 

Until next time beauties