Who's Up For A Challenge?

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May is rapidly approaching and we all love to take on new challenges, but there are so many out there, who knows where to start. Earlier this week I was currently on the hunt for some challenges for upper, middle and lower body. 




These are only a few that I found but of course you can google some if there aren't the best and you can modify the reps as well, but I think these are best for starting out.

Until next time beauties.

Xo. KissTheRunner

Music, Music, Music: Let's Go Running.

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Beauties! It's been a whole week since we've spoke and I'm so sorry, it's just been a little busy over here, but I am back and with you for the rest of the week. So let's chat running and more specifically lets chat playlist.

My music is a HEAVY load of Hamilton, (yes the musical) and just a bunch of different styles of music, hip hop, latin, rap and God knows what else is on here. It's a lot of fast upbeat music that I used to motivate me while I run. I know some people like to run to slower music, or none at all. But this is just my taste.

This list is 3 hours and 18 minutes long, so it's perfect for long runs or races, no need to repeat songs, (unless you want to) or fiddle with your phone, just run and go. The only thing I dislike about Spotify is it kills your battery life, especially when you're tracking your runs as well, so just be mindful of that when using this app. 

Until next time beauties and enjoy the playlist.

Xo. KissTheRunner

What Gets You Motivated to Move?

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I know this question seems basic, but hear me out and let's think outside of the box for a second. When I ask "What gets you motivated to move," I don't mean the typical answers, "I want to lose weight, become healthy, get stronger," etc.. I'm talking about the little motivating factors that might excite you when your in the mode, your happy place, such as... 

"New sneakers"

"New workout gear." 

"A fancy water bottle." 

"Group of friends." 

"A new workout bag." 

"An app you just downloaded and want to try." 

All of these are great reasons to get started on your journey or even continuing your current journey. For me, it's something truly different. Very unconventional, but it helps me out. 
(Color: Petal Pushers)

That's right, nail polish, or more specifically, me painting my nails. There's something about painting my nails on Sunday that gets me excited to go to the gym, or run some miles for the rest of the week. It reminds me that I don't have to have rough "gym hands or fingers," to get the job done. And my hands look great when I'm lifting as well so that's also a plus. 

What's your reasoning to get moving? 

Until next time beauties. 

Xo. KissTheRunner 

Six Themed 5K's You'll be Sure to Enjoy.

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So you’re thinking about exploring this wonderful world we like to call “running,” but you’re not sure where to start, what races to run or even how to go about finding runs around your city. I always find it refreshing and exciting when new runners ask me what distance to run and I always recommend starting out with a light hearted and fun 5K, nothing that adds pressure, just something to get you up and out of the house with a group of friends.

So here are six races that you can consider when you’re ready to run your first race. Some of these races have runs in multiple states and others are based in my hometown of NYC.

Let’s get started….

1) The Color Run: One of the fastest growing and best (in my opinion,) 5K’s out there. You get a cool white shirt that you can use just for getting paint thrown all over you, the race sells a variety of “color run” swag to use along the course and there’s no time limit as to how long you can be on the course. When you get to each color station, you can stop and have the color thrown on you and you can either roll around in it if you feel like it. And at the end of the course, you can enjoy a color party and have more color thrown on you. Find your city and register at: TheColorRun.com

2) Rugged Maniac: Don’t like running your typical race? Not to worry, this 5K is an obstacle mud run course. So you can tackle running under and through the mud, all while conquering 3.1 miles while not realizing it. Before and after the race you can party with the DJ, ride on mechanical bulls, receive a medal and beer, if you’re of age of course. Find your city and register at: RuggedManiac.com

3) R.O.C Race: formerly known as the Wipeout run before undergoing a name change. This race is based on the game show Wipeout. Multiple obstacles that take place on the course and a lot of them are water friendly. This is a great way to cool off and have fun in the summer time all while running a 5K. Find your city and register at: ROCRace.com

4) Chardonnay Run: With the slogan “Race Then Taste,” you do exactly just that. Run your race and then enjoy wine and cheese at the finish line with a DJ ready for you to party the day away. The race organizers also suggest that this race is perfect for picnics, so of course after a run, food and drinks is the best way to celebrate. Find your race and register at: TheChardonnayRun.com

5) Firefly Run: One of the 5K’s that take place at night, when I mean at night, I mean night. 7:00pm start time, course only lit up by streetlights and glow stick from other runners. This race can be a littler intimidating if you’re not comfortable with running and if you’re not comfortable with darkness, but can also be very comfortable with a group of friends. Of course at the end of the race there’s a big glow party where you can your friends can enjoy music and dance until it’s time to find some food. Find your city and register at: FireflyRun.com

6) New York City Pizza Run: This is the one I am excited to run myself. It’s a run just for us pizza lovers out there. This run is only two miles but who can resist pizza? On the course of this two-mile run, you stop to eat three slices of pizza. I mean, this might be hard to run and eat pizza at the same time, but who cares? Pizza is offered at the race, so take advantage. The website hasn’t been updated to reflect the 2016 date, but you can visit the website for updates at: NYCPizzaRun.com 

I will definitely have more updates for you on fun races, but here's a small list. 

Until next time beauties,

Xo. KissTheRunner

Quote of the Week: Keep Moving

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This week was a weird one for me, but also a very empowering and insightful week. I was battling if I made the right choice in my life career wise, I was getting a lot of pressure from a family member in regards to monetary value of my job. I let that get to me for a bit, I thought about quitting my current job, the one I love, the one I enjoy going to because of this one thought. 

And then I thought to myself, why would I quit? Why would I quit something I enjoy doing to pleasure someone else? That didn't make any sense to me. I had a conversation with my girlfriend Tuesday night about this particular topic and the phase we took away from the night was "Keep Moving." 

But what about this spoke to me that night? 

It reminded me to push myself harder and more to never stop loving my career, it reminded me to always look on the brighter side of things, to remember that it's ok to be busy and there's always something else to be done to improve your life and your happiness. This doesn't necessarily equate to something fitness related, but if that's what helps you then beyond means, do it. 

I started painting my nails more, picked up blogging again, (in a serious way) currently in the process of making a workout schedule for myself, in the process of rebranding myself and this website so I can start gaining outside clients. I can go on and on about what I'm currently doing, but that's not what this is about, this is about always pushing yourself forward and continuing to make that next step, when you've already made "the next step." 

Remember, keep moving. In whatever form that means to you. 

Until next time beauties


Finally Injury Free: United NYC Half Recap

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Usually runners prepare to run a race, especially a distance as long as a half marathon. After the Staten Island half last year, I took a long break from running due to a knee injury on the course. Now a break so long wasn't intended, but it was much needed and it was appreciated. 

I received an email in late December or probably early January about running the NYC half for free, so of course I took the chance. However I quickly remembered last years race and that didn't go well for me at all and thought to myself if it was a good idea to run this race again. 

I downloaded the Asics running app, made a plan but didn't follow it. I did very little training for this race and as the date approached I began to get more and more nervous. Not really understanding if I was really going to run this race. 

The week leading to the race, I still was uncertain if I was running. I didn't want another incident of last year on my hands, but I also wanted to redeem myself but I was in no place to do that, so my option was to either run the race and injure myself, or not run at all. As all of this is going through my mind, I ended up picking up my bib and I was also coming down with a cold in the same week. 

The day before I talked to different friends looking for guidance as if I should run the race or not. As day turned into night I made my decision to run, I couldn't let a race (a free one at that,) pass me by and I know I was having a case of FOMO (fear of missing out,) so all of these factors went into running this race. 

Running the Race: 

I arrived at the start line and I immediately realized that it might not have been a good idea, I'm nervous, scared and confused at how my legs are supposed to work winced I've haven't used them in this manner in a long time, but it's either now or never and I've already traveled all this way to do this race. 
Wise words from my mother filled my thoughts, "don't show off." That's all I kept thinking, don't show off. I haven't been training, I haven't been running, so here was no reason to push for speed or time, the goal was to run without being injured. 

As I pass mile markers, I think, "I can do this, I can run injury free, just keep this pace, I am in a competition with no one but myself." I couldn't afford to have an injury, so I ran as if I wasn't going to get one. 

As I pass each mile marker I realized the distance was becoming easier, I knew I could do this, around mile five I felt myself speeding up trying to keep up with other runners and I dialed it back to keep my "injury free" pace. 

Times Square is my favorite part of the race but only for a brief second because you're only in Times Square for a brief second. Maybe two miles if that, more like a mile and a half. It's nice to one side of the street blocked off for runners, so appreciate the city that never sleeps in a different fashion. As I was running through Times Square around mile seven there was a jumbo screen where you can catch yourself running. Of course I managed to completely miss myself on it, but I still got a picture. 

I pretty much zoned out after exiting Times Square. I was texting, listening to music and I'm pretty sure I was on Facebook at some point. I was meeting up with my girlfriend at the finish line we coordinated as I was on the course. 

After reaching mile 13 I knew it was time to sprint to the finish and that's what I did. A time of 3:17:05.  It wasn't my best, not a PR but I ran injury free which is exactly what I wanted to do. Because of this, I am not ready to tackle whatever race is next and hoping to PR that with a vengeance. 

(Photo credit: Daphna W.)
(photo credit: Daphna W.)

Until next time beauties,