Official 2016 Race Calendar

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NYC Half - March 20th 
Hot Chocolate 15K/5K - April 2nd
More Shape Women's Half - April 17th
UAE Healthy Kidney 10K - May 14th
Brooklyn Half - May 21st
Oakley Women's Mini 10K - June 11th
Queens 10K - June 19th
Front Runners Pride Run - June 25th
Rock N Roll Chicago - July 15 - July 17th
Rock N Roll Pennsylvania - September 17th - September 18th
Rock N Roll Brooklyn - October 8th
Trenton Half Marathon/10K - October 29th
NYC Marathon - November 6th
Rock N Roll Las Vegas - November 10 - November 13th

I realized this is pretty much the same schedule I posted before but with a couple of changes. The NYC Half is in a few short weeks and honestly, I'm not really sure if I'm going to even run it. I don't feel strong enough and I'm not ready to encounter another injury that might possibly throw me off for the rest of the race season. So, we'll see how this goes. Of course I'll let you beauties know of the final decision VERY soon.

Until next time beauties.