I'm NOT Running the Brooklyn Half...

9:57 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

...is what I said to myself at the first and second time I ran the course. I never understood why I kept running a race where I don't like the course. 

Let me be fair, I do like the beginning of the course the first six miles to be exact, which takes place in Prospect Park, but anything after that, NO! The long stretch from miles seven to 13 on Ocean Avenue is something I cannot fathom with. Both years I've found myself saying "why would anyone want to run this flat course for so many miles?" 

And yet, here I am, signed up and ready to hit the pavement for a third time in a row for the Brooklyn half. However, this run is different. My best friend who I ran with the first time in 2014 is running again this year. Seriously, how could I NOT sign up again? 
This race is where my running career flourished. Where I actually decided "I am a runner." Where I told myself "I will finish this race, no matter what the time." However, this was also the race where I doubted myself, where I told myself "I'll never do this or any other race again." Where I said "How am I supposed to run a full marathon, when I can't even run a half?" This race brings back a lot of good and bad memories for me. But lets face it, memories are what make something special. 

This year I plan to make the 2:45:59 mark when running. I am SO close that it just needs to happen already! But take a look back on how the past two races went for me.

Just reading the first paragraph from these two entries reminds me that all races aren't the same, even if you're running the same course. 

Until next time beauties.