Sunday's Are For Regrouping!

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Happy Sunday beautiful people! Hope everyone is having a great weekend and for my friends on the east coast, hope you enjoyed the beautiful white fluff that we call snow.

Since there’s still a lot of snow on the ground, there are really not a lot of outside activities I can get done, but indoors that’s a different story.

This Sunday, I’m currently focusing on…

Workouts for the week.
Training for the United Airlines NYC Half.
My Official 2016 Race Calendar.
Accepting my invitation for the TCS NYC Marathon.
And all work related things, (answering emails, looking for a new job, building my business, etc.)

Doesn’t seem like much, but I need to keep myself focused as I enter the race season and sometimes I have a problem with that. So I’m using my Sunday’s for just that, focusing and regrouping.

Wait, can we go back to the point where I am qualified to run the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon? OMG! In 286 days I will be running my first marathon! Goodness, I never thought I was going to run a marathon, but here I am, qualified and ready to go, now of course I have to register and I only have a MONTH to come up with this money, but not to worry, it will be paid for! 

Ok, back to taking control of this Sunday and getting a handle on the week.

Until next time beauties.

Ladies: The Tag Doesn't Matter!

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A couple of weeks ago I went shopping for a New Years outfit to begin 2016, I didn't really have anything in mind but I knew I was going to wear a skirt, something different and a little out of my comfort zone.

As a former 215 pound, size 16/18 young woman, I never really "celebrated" New Years. I was always at home, hanging out with family, or simply asleep for the occasion. But now, at a size 12, (and sometimes a 10,) I am now a lot more comfortable with myself than I've ever been before. 

This being said I found myself in New York and Company. I shopped here once for a winter coat MANY years ago and never stepped foot in the store since. The big 50% off sign in the window caught my attention and that's what made me step inside. 

As I'm walking around the store, I quickly find this black skirt, that has deep pockets which was a HUGE plus for me, since my hands are constantly in my pockets. I rustled through the rack of skirts to only find sizes 10, eight and six. My heart sank a little bit because I knew I might be pushing it with the 10 and the eight and the six just wasn't going to happen. 

I take the size 10 skirt into the fitting room and try it on, to my surprise, the skirt did fit AND with room to spare. Now I mean, this was either good news for me because I was losing inches or the skirt just ran big. Either way, it was a win. The skirt had so much room that I was able to grab a size eight and to my surprise it also fit as well! 
(Size eight and yes I have on two different pairs of socks lol)

Me! In a size eight? I couldn't believe it. Never in a million years I would have thought I would be able to fit myself into a single digit piece of clothing. I mean, lets face it. I'm a very bottom heavy, no matter how many squats, deadlifts, lunges or whatever I do, I will always have this booty. (Which is fine by me.) 

Most of the time, we as women obsess over the size of our clothes. What can I fit into? Is it too big or too small? I'll never fit into that because I'm not accustomed to wearing that size, etc. However, think about this, who's going to know what size pants, skirt or whatever you have on unless you tell them?Nobody!

Also, does the size matter if the garment fits? Remember this the next time you get distraught while shopping. Remember that every store doesn't cut their clothes the same way, garments can fit either bigger or smaller than what you're used to wearing unless your only shopping at one store.   

Until next time beauties.
(New Years outfit)

Make Your 2016 EPIC!

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Happy New Year beauties!! 

I hope everyone has enjoyed celebrating the new year as much as I had and I hope everyone is excited for what 2016 has to offer. When I see 2016, I see opportunities, business plans, growth, dedication, determination, hard work and so much more. 

What do you think about when you hear the numbers 2016? What does this year mean for YOU? How are you going to make it different than last year? What are you going to do to make sure you accomplish your goals and dreams? For me, it was always making lists. Being able to see what I have to do and how I need to accomplish it, is what always keeps me going. 

I'll admit that I didn't get to accomplish everything that I wanted to do in 2015 but that's ok because here's to a whole new year, with whole news goals for me. 

So what about you beauties? What do you plan on doing in 2016? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time beauties.