Spotify Running Baby!

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If it's not busy days, it's sick days, if it's not sick days, it's sleepless nights. No matter what is it, I always find myself doing the total opposite of what I had planned for the day or even the week. It might seem like I need a planner or a better handle on things, but for now, I'm just going with the flow. 

Thanks to the amazing people from Spotify and 360i, I got the pleasure of using Spotify's premium running service, paired with my Nike running app a couple of weeks ago. I've always wanted to try out their services since I've heard such great things about it and I finally got the chance. 

What's so unique about Spotify running is the "pacing station" feature that's on the app. I wasn't sure of what a pace station was, but it made sense when I read more about it. Pretty much you can set find a genre of music that you prefer running to, select your target pace and then start your run. Simple. 

When you first open your Nike app, head over to the music section and you'll get this screen. You see I have my iTunes selected but my Spotify was also connecting. Once connected, click "Spotify premium," and you'll see this screen. 
Since this was my first time using this app, I didn't have anything setup in terms of playlist or a pace station, so I just went on ahead and clicked "create a pace station." 
From there, you can either use your average pace or create your own. As you can see, I'm training myself to target an 11'30" pace.
When you scroll down you can select what genre or what artist you're feeling like running to. I didn't have any particular artist in mind, to I just selected hip hop/rap and then afterwards selected "begin run."

What I realized about running an 1'30" pace is that it's fairly slow music wise, or at least much slower than what I'm used to running to. I was listening to a lot of old school hip hop, (which I'm not a fan of) and it was difficult for me to run, I knew about two of the songs that played and the rest I was clueless about. Again, not my type of music. 

I will say that I did keep up the pace which was the whole point of using this feature. But again, I was just very bored and frustrated while running, so maybe I should have a particular artist in mind of the next run.

I've very pleased with Spotify running and I think it's going to be a great tool when I start training for the NYC Half come January. 

Until next time beauties!