It's Too Cold To Run...

11:10 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

It’s that time of the year where you start to second-guess your running. You start to think “can I do this run indoors or should I should take it outside? Do I even go out for a run today or do I say it’s too cold?

As the temperatures begin to drop and the questions start to flow, go over these following statements in your head before you think about not completing your run.

1)It’s not raining or snowing, so it’s a good day for a run.

2) Oh it’s below 40 degrees? That’s all right, layers were invented for a reason.

3) It’s too dark outside, but not to worry because I have reflective gear.

4) Warm up at home, this way you can already be slightly warm when you begin your run.

5) Map out where you’re going to run before you head outside. When in doubt, stay close as possible to home.

6) It’s late I can’t go outside. Check the clock again and I guarantee you it’s only 3pm.

7) Water, water and more water. Make it your friend. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you’re hydrated, so drink water before you leave or keep it handy as you run.

8) Listen to your body on your run, if it’s absolutely too cold, It’s best to turn around and possibly do an indoor run instead. We don’t want frostbite.

9) Mid-afternoon runs are great, maybe during your lunch break, go for a run, but pack extra clothes, you don’t want to be sweaty.

10) And last, be smart. If you absolutely feel a run isn’t going to happen, substitute it for some strength training.

Happy winter running beauties!