Are You Wearing Panties or Thongs?

11:44 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

In life, we are faced with multiple decisions and choices everyday. Within that, we have our own preferences like whether we drink coffee or tea, wear Asics or Nikes, or having a night out on the town versus staying in.

Well today I have a question to ask, what do you prefer while running, full underwear or thongs? Now before you say “that’s none of your business,” (which it isn’t,) or “that’s too personal,” let me explain.
When I started running a year and a half ago I never thought this would be a topic on my mind, I usually pick up the first pair of underwear I see and throw it on, no questions asked. But one day, I realized all I had left were thongs, I hadn’t taken care of my laundry and the race was the following morning, I had no choice but to throw on what I had and since then, I haven’t looked back.

I prefer running in thongs because it’s no guess work when putting them on, there’s no thinking “do I have a wedgie,” “can I pull it out in front of all of these people?” “are my panty lines showing?” these are some of the questions I face when wearing full coverage underwear. Although it may seem like the best choice for races, to me it just doesn’t work anymore.

So I ask you beauties, if you feel like sharing, what do you prefer while running, full coverage underwear or thongs?

Until next time beauties.