It's Too Cold To Run...

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It’s that time of the year where you start to second-guess your running. You start to think “can I do this run indoors or should I should take it outside? Do I even go out for a run today or do I say it’s too cold?

As the temperatures begin to drop and the questions start to flow, go over these following statements in your head before you think about not completing your run.

1)It’s not raining or snowing, so it’s a good day for a run.

2) Oh it’s below 40 degrees? That’s all right, layers were invented for a reason.

3) It’s too dark outside, but not to worry because I have reflective gear.

4) Warm up at home, this way you can already be slightly warm when you begin your run.

5) Map out where you’re going to run before you head outside. When in doubt, stay close as possible to home.

6) It’s late I can’t go outside. Check the clock again and I guarantee you it’s only 3pm.

7) Water, water and more water. Make it your friend. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you’re hydrated, so drink water before you leave or keep it handy as you run.

8) Listen to your body on your run, if it’s absolutely too cold, It’s best to turn around and possibly do an indoor run instead. We don’t want frostbite.

9) Mid-afternoon runs are great, maybe during your lunch break, go for a run, but pack extra clothes, you don’t want to be sweaty.

10) And last, be smart. If you absolutely feel a run isn’t going to happen, substitute it for some strength training.

Happy winter running beauties!   

Are You Wearing Panties or Thongs?

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In life, we are faced with multiple decisions and choices everyday. Within that, we have our own preferences like whether we drink coffee or tea, wear Asics or Nikes, or having a night out on the town versus staying in.

Well today I have a question to ask, what do you prefer while running, full underwear or thongs? Now before you say “that’s none of your business,” (which it isn’t,) or “that’s too personal,” let me explain.
When I started running a year and a half ago I never thought this would be a topic on my mind, I usually pick up the first pair of underwear I see and throw it on, no questions asked. But one day, I realized all I had left were thongs, I hadn’t taken care of my laundry and the race was the following morning, I had no choice but to throw on what I had and since then, I haven’t looked back.

I prefer running in thongs because it’s no guess work when putting them on, there’s no thinking “do I have a wedgie,” “can I pull it out in front of all of these people?” “are my panty lines showing?” these are some of the questions I face when wearing full coverage underwear. Although it may seem like the best choice for races, to me it just doesn’t work anymore.

So I ask you beauties, if you feel like sharing, what do you prefer while running, full coverage underwear or thongs?

Until next time beauties.

Lets "Just Dance" for 2016!

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Who doesn’t love an enjoyable and fun workout? I know I do! And this is why I am suggesting that if you have the appropriate gaming system, you should immediately purchase Just Dance 2016. 

I only purchased the game five hours ago and I’m already hooked and found a couple of favorite songs to dance to and you can now go head to head with other dancers around the world. Now I don’t know if this is an older feature from Just Dance 2015, (which I don’t have yet,) but if isn’t then you can certainly look forward to it. 

Favorite songs: 

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor
Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato
Fancy – Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX
and my favorite…
Hangover (BaBaBa) – Buraka Som Sistema (I played this three times today)

So here are my scores when I played Hangover

I progressively got better..

And here are my scores when I was challenging other dancers from around the world, I’m QueenB.
Keep in mind I’m such a fanatic of this game that after the first couple of movements I can remember the chorography, so that’s one good way to playing to win. However, for the workout portion, I think it’s great if you just try to kick those legs up and reach out those arms to receive the full extensibility of the workout.

Just Dance really sets you up for sweating, not just the small glisten on your forehead type sweat, but the pants, shirt and hair dripping type of sweat, one where you need to take a show directly afterwards. Good stuff.

Anyway beauties, try the game out, play, sweat and have fun!

Until next time beauties.

Running: The Group vs. Yourself - Finale

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 This is the finale to the running series The Group vs. Yourself, if you haven’t yet read part 1 or part 2 now would be the perfect time to do so.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when you’re out on the road running with a group:

1)   Make sure you and your running group have rules established before hand. How many water stations are you going to stop at? Do you have walk/run intervals? Is it ok to leave your fellow runners behind if they’re running too slow? These are just a very small portion of questions that should be answered before a group run.

2)   It’s ok to be quiet while running in a group. Don’t feel you have to talk the whole way (unless you want to,) while running. Sometimes its best to stay silent until something funny happens or maybe some funny stories that you have stored in your brain.

3)   Bring your own fuel, water or whatever else you need and don’t feel like you need to intake your fuel the same time as everyone else. If you feel that you need it before or after take it then. Don’t fall into the pressure of doing or not doing something because everyone else is or isn’t doing it.

4)   Stay on one side of the road. Most likely it’s a group of you and you don’t want to bump into other runners and vise versa. Also, other runners will become annoyed with a group weaving throughout the course, you don’t want to be the group that everyone takes negatively about. 

5)   Have fun! You’re with your friends, buddies, and teammates. You don’t want to have a crappy experience because you were with the wrong group of people or you took the race so seriously that you forgot to enjoy yourself.

Here are some of quick tips to keep in mind when you’re out on the road running solo:

1)   Find sometime to focus on mind on. You don’t want to have negative thoughts throughout your run. Find clarity or focus when you’re running, because negative thoughts can and will affect your performance.
2)   Look back when moving from one side of the road to the other. Check your surroundings and make sure you’re not crossing in front of other runners so close that yourself and/or them might trip.
3)   If you’re a runner that runs with music, either keep one ear free or keep the music low. You don’t want to miss an announcement on the course because your music was too loud.

4)   Spitting, shoelace tying or adjusting you should be done on the side of the road. Make sure you don’t stop in the middle of the road and don’t spit in the middle of the road as well. Runners don’t want to willingly step in spit and they don’t want to play hopscotch with spit neither.

These are just nine of the hundreds of “running manners” that are out there. I just wanted to give you beauties some tips to think of the next time you’re running with a group or solo.

I hope you enjoyed this series and I hope it was informative for you all… Until next time beauties.