Running: The Group vs. Yourself - Part 2

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It's part two of The Group or Yourself, if you didn't read part 1, you can read it HERE

In addition to running a couple of races with friends, I've ran more than enough races solo and of course it's a different feeling, but I didn't realize how much of a difference it is until I experienced the two back to back. 

This series isn't to tell you which method is "better," it's just to give some insight to both methods of running, try them out and hopefully you'll be successful in either one or both methods. 

1) More focus on your strides and gait.
2) Alone time to solve current issues/problems in your life. (Trust me) 
3) You're able to listen to your favorite music without no interruptions. 
4) If you have a time goal it's easier to focus on PR'ing a race. 
5) You'll feel accomplished when you cross the finish line and you're able to say "I did it," without the help of others. 
6) Your race, your pace. 
7) You'll be able to take notice of the people and places around you. 
8) Most times you'll get invited to a post race brunch/lunch. 

1) Negative thoughts can creep in your mind very quickly. 
2) Jealously of watching everyone run with others and you're alone can get the best of you. 
3) Traveling to and from races can get lonely if you don't make/have a travel buddy. 
4) Quitting might be a strong option if you become injured and don't have a friend/teammate on the course. 
5) There's no celebration party for you, just a shiny medal and you're on your way back home. 
6) You just might not enjoy the race as much as you should have if your friends were around. 

Running with yourself or with friends is totally your choice. There's no need to feel pressured to do one or the other and there's definitely no right or wrong answer. These are just some of the things that I've experienced running solo. 

Next week we'll conclude the series by talking about good running manners when you're solo and with a group. 

Until next time beauties!