Running: The Group vs. Yourself - Part 1

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During the past couple of weeks I've had so many races that covered a variety of distances, anywhere from a one-mile race to a half marathon.  And each race was a different experience for me. Well clearly the distances where different, but I'm taking about in terms of who I ran with. Either alone, or with a group of people. 

The last time I ran with someone actually side by side was the Brooklyn half in 2014. It was a wonderful experience but something I haven't experienced in awhile and honestly something I didn't care to experience again. To me, I saw all these people running together and I always thought "what about timing?" "What about if one person runs faster/slower than the other." Too many questions and so little experience but at the Bronx 10 Mile, I understood. 

1) You'll always have people there to support you when you're feeling like quitting.
2) Conversations are constant. And after an hour, you'll need it.
3) Most likely you and your team are going through the same motions through running.
4) You don't notice how far you actually ran, while your running. 
5) Sometimes the finishing time isn't important and you're running for fun.
6) Sometimes the finishing time is important and you're looking to PR and so is everyone in your group. 
7) Your group is your own personal pace team. 
8) You'll hear great stories from your friends that you've never heard before. 

1) You might feel like your holding someone back or someone might be holding you back.
2) Sometimes the constant chatter gets annoying. 
3) You don't want to let your group down. 
4) Everyone might have the energy you don’t at a certain point.
5) You might not be able to focus on your breathing or thoughts.
6) Running with music is not happing so just save your battery and track your run via whichever app you use.
7) You can’t leave your group members behind without feeling like a total jerk later on.

Either way beauties, there are a lot of things to consider when you want to run with a group of people during races. Find out if it's for you and give it a shot, remember to find a group of people who either run your pace or slightly faster than you, that would give you the extra push you need to keep going.

Next Tuesday it's The Group vs. Yourself - Part 2. That will cover the the "yourself" side of this topic. So get ready. 

Until next time beauties.