I Ran the Diva's Half Marathon!

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The alarm goes off at 4:00am and I know it's time to get up. However, I hit the snooze button and don't get up until 4:30am, now the fun begins. It's the normal routine, using the bathroom, washing my face and brushing my teeth.

I turn on the light in my room as well as my living room light. The TV goes on as well because I need to watch something before I head out the door; I can't get ready in silence. Of course I stop at Disney Channel and I caught the end of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Wizards of Waverley place was next. Good enough for me.

I get together all of my things and start putting them together, pants, bra, lipstick, socks, sneakers, basically all the things that a "diva" needs. Prior to this race I originally planned to wear just the sports bra and the matching pants, but because the weather dropped drastically I had to find a long sleeved shirt to wear.

I made my usual peanut butter sandwich while doing my hair in my final steps to getting ready to leave the house. I had to meet my friend downstairs to be on the road by 6am. This race is located in Long Island but of course I’ve never been here before so we wanted to get a good start on things before we ended up hitting heavy traffic. 

30 minutes later we arrived at Eisenhower Park, the location of this race. I was dropped off and went to find where I can find bag check. At bag check, I met up with Berelize, who had my bib and all race day essentials, including my fabulous pink tutu and I couldn’t wait to put on with the rest of my outfit.  I dropped my stuff off and headed over to the start line. 
While waiting for 8:15am to start the race, I used the bathroom three times. I was feeling super nervous and as I watched the different 5K waves go by, I wanted to jump in and just be content with the 5K, but then I quickly realized that paying $110 for a 5K isn’t logical and I was stuck with the half marathon. 

Before I knew it, it was time to start running and three minutes in, I knew I was in trouble.

Miles 1 and 2: Three minutes into mile one and the outside of my left knee was killing me and immediately I had to change up my gait but it was hard to do. I immediately told myself this race was going to be difficult if I'm already feeling pain. The course made a left turn and with a little more running I was at mile 2. My leg was still bothersome but I still was in the process of changing my gait. 

Miles 3 and 4: All I am seeing are trees and people at the sides of the road cheering for us. 30 minutes in, I was finally able to figure out how I needed to run in order to complete this race. Changing my gait gave me confidence in that I could finish this race. So much so that I no longer felt the pain in my knee. If I could keep up like this, I know I can finish this race with my goal time. 

Miles 5 and 6: This is where I started to become annoyed. In mile four I was running on the highway, which was the coolest thing ever because a whole section of the highway was shut down just for us runners. However, it seemed like never ending turns, which started to put pressure on my knee again. Within all of this, I was still maintaining good timing with being on track with my goal time. Also, I got really hot between these two miles so I ran with my long sleeved shirt on my neck at mile five and took it off at mile 6. 

Miles 7 and 8: Mindless miles, because nothing out of the ordinary happened, no magic, nothing. I just passed the mile markers with no thought and kept going. Listening to my Nike+ app, I was still on track with my pace. That's all I needed to hear. 

Miles 9 and 10: If I wasn't annoyed with the course before, I was surely annoyed now. To my right side was just trees and to my left were a bunch of houses with cars parked out front. I wanted to try and appreciate the scenery but I couldn't because there was nothing to see. I began to become bored with the course, for the first time in my race career I was tired, sleepy and kept asking myself "Can I run and sleep at the same time?" "Is this possible?" I couldn't believe it. My leg began hurting again and even with the changed gait I was in pain. I dipped a little in pace at mile nine, but completely lost pace at mile 10. 

Miles 11 and 12: I no longer cared for my pace. Not after what happened at mile 11. I thought "two miles to go, great." I saw the boa and tiara station and changed my tune to "this is a horrible place for this, why not at mile 12?" If that didn't make it worse once I made the right turn to what I thought was the boa and tiara station, there was a parking lot, where we had to run to the other end, make a right turn back down to the other end of the parking lot and make a left to the boa and tiara station. You could tell all of these little turns were just ways to make up the distance of a half marathon. This frustrated me and with the frustration I slowed down, then I stopped caring all together. While at mile 12 I realized I've been on the course for 2:44:35. "There goes my goal of 2:45:00, lets just go for anything less than three hours." 

Mile 13/Finish: 2:56:19 and I was headed to the medical tent. I must have looked like I was in pain because the medic immediately asked me what was wrong and ushered me into the tent. I was given an ice bag for my knee and I sat down for about five minutes before getting up and getting my medal. While getting my medal, I also got a handful of snacks, some champagne and a chocolate chip cookie. 

I enjoyed myself to an extent. I wished the course was a little better and all those unnecessary turns weren't added. If I decided to do this race next year, it probably wouldn't be the half, I think I'll just do the 5K or I might just do the half in Temecula, CA to see what's the hype about, but this particular half in Long Island, no. 

I'm proud that I was able to hold my pace until mile 10, that spoke volumes to me, that I'm am closer and closer to achieving my goal of 2:45:00, but I'm not quite making it yet, I'll keep practicing and training to make sure the next half I'm going to train for will be a 2:45:00 finish time. 

I'm still debating on whether or not I should run the Staten Island half on Sunday. I picked up my bib and I have an outfit planned out but I don't know if I want to run it yet, I guess I have to make a decision between today and tomorrow. 

Until next time beauties.