Come Get Your Swerve on with Nikki Pebbles!

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This Sunday I had the pleasure of taking one of the best cycle classes EVER and who other than to take this cycle class with than the one and only Nikki Pebbles. She’s a fellow Women’s Health Action Hero and just an all around amazing person. If you haven’t met her yet, you should!

This particular class was very interactive and honestly the most fun I’ve ever had in a cycle class. As you cycle, you’re playing a game to see who can rack up the most points. In this game we had three teams, red, blue and green, (My friends and I were on the red team,) and within each match up you have to try and keep your RPM in a certain zone to earn points for your team.

As the 45-minute class went on, the green team dominated the matches, being able to maintain the RPM and gain extra points for their team. There were a couple of times that the blue team came in first but the green team took it. Don’t even ask about the red team, we tried, we really did, but it didn’t happen.

In addition the cycling, there was also an upper body portion of the class. There were weights mounted on the side of the bike and we started to do various upper body exercises. I swear I didn’t realize how much I was neglecting my upper body until then. These weights were probably two or three pounds, maybe five, but my goodness trying to complete these upper body exercises and still spinning was pretty difficult, but I love a good challenge.

In the end the green team did come out on top. But that’s alright because there is always room for redemption and that’s what we plan to do, because lets face it, we’re going back, at least I am.
After the class was over, I chatted with Nikki and told her all of the wonderful things about her class. Seriously beauties, this class is one for the books, especially for us runners out there, it’s a great cross training tool.
Afterwards it was time to head out, but not without another photo with Nikki in front of the Swerve Fitness logo. I went back to my locker and gathered all of my things and quickly realized I was hungry, that’s how I know I was put through a good workout.
Although I didn’t eat right away, I had fun with my friends Aubrie and Tammy shopping for groceries at Trader Joe’s. We went back to Aubrie’s house and chatted and ate some amazing Thai food! Perfect way to end the day.
(myself, Aubrie and Tammy)

This class was great and I am certainly going to take it again with Nikki. I’m sure all of the other instructors are amazing, but lets face it, Nikki is amazing in her own light.

It was $30 for the class, but it was buy one, get one free so it’s technically $15, which is not bad at all. I seriously recommend taking this class if you’re in the NYC area or going to be at any point.

Swerve Fitness is located on 30 W 18th Street in the Flatiron District of NYC.

Until next time beauties!