Race Recap: Run10Feed10!

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Beauties! I just ran Run10Feed10 yesterday and honestly I am still pumped. It went very smoothly with the exception of slight foot pain but I was still very happy with the race. Being able to do something I love which is running in order to help people that are less fortunate than I am is amazing and I will forever be grateful for this experience.
When I arrived at pier 84 it was very calm and mellow, but for some reason I was super nervous, my heart was beating so fast it I didn’t know what to think. You know that nervous or excited feeling you get when you run your very FIRST race, that’s the feeling I had. Butterflies in my stomach and jumpy nerves, it took awhile for me to calm myself down but I did.

While at the Run10Feed10 warm up I met one of my fellow Women’s Health Action Heros, Nikki Pebbles. She’s super cute and really fun to be around with very high energy, who doesn’t want a friend like that? I also met Nikki’s friend Shana and she was also very fun and also has a lot of energy yesterday, another plus!
I met a man name Rick when I was taking this picture, he talked to me about how he used to be very athletic and battled cancer and now is in remission. Such a great story from a nice man, he wished me luck before the race and I hugged him after the race, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture but
I remember waking to the start line with Nikki and Shana but after that I couldn’t tell you what happened. I know I was running, thinking I was keeping up with my intervals and I realized that I already ran 10 minutes straight. There was a thought in my mind to keep going, but I knew I had to conserve energy, so I stopped and took a one-minute walk break and continued running.

Around mile two, I stopped at the water station and there was a LINE to get water. I was taken aback because I usually just grab water and go, no need to stop for more than 30 seconds for water, but to wait almost 45 seconds was slightly annoying, but I needed water, so there was no need to complain.
I felt as if I was making good time until a caught a pain in my left foot, which shot up to me knee. It wasn’t pleasant at all and of course in turn had to apply pressure on my right foot, which is currently swollen.

Stopping at mile four or around there for water was another issue, again no cups ready for me to take so I just had to wait, however not as long as the first stop. Took my two cups and continued to run.
When I check the time clock at mile six I was at 1:11 with some seconds and I thought “great timing Kyanna,” you might actually get this under 1:20:00. However I’m not sure if I did. Nike+ tracked my times at 1:19:34, the text message has my time at 1:20:58 and the website has my time at 1:21:55. I’m not sure what to believe but if anything this the 1:19:34 is a second off my PR, the 1:20:58 and 1:21:55 are both 4 and 3 minutes off my 2015 10K time respectively, so either way I think I’m good.
I’ve noticed I’m holding pace, which again is great, perfect for the Diva’s half marathon. I kept a 12:30 pace for six miles, I mean there would be seven more miles to keep that pace for, but I think I can do it.
I’m going to purchase a Garmin forerunner 220 tomorrow, (FINALLY) to start tracking my pace in time for the half marathon. I know I should have gotten one-way before, but better late than never.
Oh did I mention that my bib number was 13? Like what? It’s crazy how NYRR and other races are very different because I believe that NYRR races are really big on “elite runners get lower bib numbers,” and I HATED that I felt that way but that’s what everyone thought when they saw me with that number. Whatever, it’s just 13.

So currently I am sitting here with a brace on my foot, trying to stretch in hopes that my foot will be ok by Sunday, because I am running the Bronx 10 Mile, which will be the last race for me to qualify for the New York City Marathon for 2016. Pray for me beauties.

Here are some pictures that I captured after the race with the ladies.
(Nikki "redhead" and Shana) and my fingers LOL!

(Myself, Nikki and Shana)

Until next time beauties