Race Recap: France Run 8K

11:38 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

NYRR's first 8K and it was great! The France Run, which took place in Central Park on Saturday, August 29, was my first race of the summer. As you beauties know I've decided that I didn't want to take part in running smaller races over the summer and really focus on my Diva's half training. 

However, since I've gotten into this race for free with the thanks of NYRR's racefree program, I've decided to run and use it to qualify towards my 9+1 in order to run the NYC TCS Marathon for 2016.  
I must say this race super quick and it helped me focus and stick to my intervals. Of course Central Park has so many hills and rolling hills, which was a bit difficult, but because I've been training I've noticed I was able to run up the entire first hill that we encountered, the second one needed work. 

Besides those two hills, the race was easy sailings. I felt as if I've made good timing for the most part. I knew I could have done better if I stuck with my intervals a little bit more towards the end, but there's really nothing I can do about it now. 

During the race I saw my friend and BGR! sis Olivia at the mile 4 volunteer station. I stopped and said hey and she snapped this cool shot of me. I was amazing how small I am considering that I feel super big most of the time.

This was literally mid run, getting ready to take off again by the water station, so I think this is a great shot!

My official time was 1:01:16. I would have liked to done this under an hour, but again that was due to me not sticking to my intervals towards the end, it just got way too hot and seriously, who wants to pass out? Not me, so I didn't sweat it at all because it's better than most of my 5 mile times. 

The next race I run is the #5AveMile which is on Sunday. I've been very fortunate to 
have been invited to the media heat of this race. I'm going to let you beauties know how this goes!