Race Recap: Bronx 10 Mile

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4:15am, I’m up, ready to attack the Bronx 10 mile. I give myself a couple of stretches in bed and I make my way to the bathroom. As I’m brushing my teeth I think about last years race, my time of 2:12:42. I was thinking if I can match that or PR. I know my training has been helping me, but could I do better since I haven’t ran 10 miles in four months.

I exit my bathroom and turn on the TV, flipping the channels until I found something to watch. I stopped at The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel and started to get dressed and I started to make breakfast. 
By the time I was ready to go, it was close minutes to 6:00am, I'm already 15 minutes late leaving my house, so I'm cutting it really close. I gather everything I need and head out the door. It's still pretty dark out, so I don't listen to any music while walking to the train station, but when I get there it's pretty quiet, but I still keep my music off. 

Two trains and a short walk later I arrived at race day central it was already 7:50am with 10 minutes before the race started. I had to use the bathroom really badly so after I checked my sweater at bag check, I walked over to the lines for the bathrooms.

When I was there I saw my friend Olivia and her friend Jillian, both BGR! members. I know people were so mad at me because I took Olivia’s place on the line, but honestly I didn’t care, I really had to use the bathroom.
the three of us make our way to the start line and we discuss what we’re going to do race wise, what time are we going for, if we’re trying to achieve a PR. We decided that we’re going to run and assess how we feel throughout the race and whatever happens, happens.

Miles 1 and 2: These first two miles were a breeze. Olivia, Jillian and I must have been running 11-minute miles. We only took walk breaks when we reached the mile markers. By this point my felt knee was hurting, but I didn’t mention it. I knew I was going to push through the pain because I had eight more miles to go and that pain wasn’t an option for me.

Miles 3 and 4: These couple of miles we were still going strong but we slowed down a bit, for some reason we seemed to get a bit tired and the injuries slowly creped on. At mile four we drank some Gatorade and water, walked for a bit and then we continued running. While I was running out the corner of my eye I saw Olivia and Jillian stopped running, but I found myself in a groove that I couldn’t stop with them because I knew I was going to lose momentum. I kept running to mile five and stopped for a Gatorade break.

Miles 5 and 6: As I stopped for the Gatorade break Olivia and Jillian caught up to me, so I know they weren’t that far behind me which is good. At this point I put myself in my shoes last year and thought about my mindset, I looked around and told myself “I remember last year not wanting to be “swept” by the bus and now look at me.” Passing the mile six marker I felt so relieved because I knew we were making good time and I also knew that this was a perfect pace for me to keep when I run the Diva’s half marathon on October 4th. I couldn’t feel more proud of myself and of these two women because they were basically helping me keep this wonderful pace.

Miles 7 and 8: If we weren’t feeling pain before, we started feeing pain NOW! Legs, knees and feet were ALL hurting at this point. Jillian’s fingers started to swell (but that’s normal for her,) my knee was at a point of breaking in half (that’s what it felt like,) and honestly I just thought about slowing down and not keeping the pace, but I realized we gotten this far, we ran this much, with two miles to go, there was no reason to give up.

Mile 9: The end is very near, and we can all feel it. We are all hurt and tired and can’t wait to get something to eat. However we’re all going different places after this. Olivia had to get back to Albany, NY, Jillian had to pick up her children and I was going back to Brooklyn. We ran and stopped a coupled of times inside mile nine because we were just that banged up, but at a certain point I knew I had to keep running. So I did, I just ran until I saw the finish line. I knew I wasn’t too far away because I saw the green finish line from afar.

Mile 10/Finish: I’m done. Over. Finished with this race. I felt bad for leaving Olivia and Jillian behind me but it wasn’t that far because they crossed the finish like probably 40 seconds after me. I finished this race in 2:08:11! Last years time was 2:12:42 so I did PR! Look at that, I did it.

I took pictures with some of the BGR! ladies and got my sweater from the baggage check area and made my way home.

This Sunday is the race I’ve been training for, the Diva’s half marathon. I’m super nervous because I’m making a VERY big deal about this and because I have such a huge goal in mind, I am hoping it’s something I can accomplish. If I keep the pace I was running at the Bronx 10 Mile, I know I will make my time goal.

Beauties, keep up with me on Instagram at KissTheRunner to watch me lead up to the Diva’s half marathon this weekend because I’m super excited and can’t keep it together. So be on the look out for that. 

Until next time beauties.