Race Recap: 5th Ave Mile

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The 5th Avenue Mile was this past Sunday and honestly it was the most competitive race I’ve ever done. It’s a long 20-block stretch on 5th ave in NYC and of course the goal is to run as fast as you can to obtain your mile PR.

Currently I can run a mile in about 11:30 - 12 minutes, but this is with a 7:1 run/walk interval. So I was pretty much aiming for anything above 12 minutes, the 11 minutes range was my go to, my heaven, where I knew I needed to be.

In addition to running, I was invited to run the “media heat.” I was pretty clueless as to what this meant and I’ve tried asking questions before hand, but I didn’t get much answers. When I went to drop off my bag and the volunteer/security staff asked what news station I worked for. If it was NBC, CBS, ABC or FOX news, the answer was neither, I don’t work for any news station and I just thought I was invited because of my cool pictures on Instagram.

Still don’t know why I was invited but I’m not complaining. I ran with some news anchors and probably some camera men/women who work for various news stations. Super cool and exciting, all day I kept asking myself “who am I?” “Why was I chosen?” I couldn’t answer my own questions, but I was enjoying myself.

I ran a mile in 9 minutes and 3 seconds! That’s my fastest mile ever. I surely wasn’t used to running without intervals but I knew I couldn’t stop. All down 5th avenue there were people just watching and looking at you and others just running down, I couldn’t just stop to follow my intervals, I just kept going.

When I looked up at the time clock before actually crossing the time mat, to my surprise I saw 8:57 and counting up. Eight minutes? Eight? That can't be right, me running and looking at eight minutes on the clock didn’t even seem possible. When I crossed and check my time afterwards, it was 9:03. So proud and so happy at myself that I ran my fastest mile in 9 minutes, my training for the Diva’s half is really paying off.

After the race was over I went over to get my belongings at the VIP tent. This tent had sandwiches, coffee, butter packets and I believe I saw some fruits. This is another moment where I asked myself “who am I?” but no complaints, I grabbed my stuff, a sandwich and I went over to 5th ave to watch the race.

(Tee and I)
This was my first race for the season, I have four more races for the next four Sundays approaching, a 10K, 10 miler and two halves. This is what race season looks like.

Until next time beauties.