Product Review: Bulu Box

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Happy Saturday beauties! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and having a great weekend. Women’s Health is currently preparing me for my second race of the “fall” season, which is the Run10Feed10 10K sponsored,, which is pretty exciting.

But lets get to why I’m really here. Last month I received a Bulu Box courtesy of Fit Approach. In this box were some health conscious goodies for me to test out and provide a review on what I liked and what I didn’t like. There were some hits as well as some misses but all in all it was great.

The items that were in this box are Lemon pepper jerky, movit energy gummies, Earth’s care anti-itch cream, Runa focused energy tea and Simple being simple diet.

Lemon pepper jerky: this artisan chicken jerky was something that I’ve never had before and probably something I wouldn’t have. I’m not a big fan on jerky and I thought that this would change my mind but it didn’t. When trying it I did feel that it was heavier on the pepper side and the seeds were very much noticeable on the jerky, so for that it was a miss.

Movit gummies: this was honestly one of the most perfect things that could have come in this box. As a runner, it’s so exciting and helpful to get gummies for my long distance races. I only used one of them for my long run and it wasn’t bad. I hope they come in different flavors because I am interested to see how they would taste. Nonetheless, it was great!

Runa focused energy tea: I’m not sure about “focused energy” but the tea was nice. During the change in weather it’s nice for me to sit on my balcony and drink some tea as I watch the sunset with some cool breeze caressing my skin. Again another citrus flavor, which isn’t bad, but I would love to see this tea in different flavors. However, the Runa brand have other products that can be consumed cold. If I ever see one of these in stores, I’ll be sure to pick it up and give it a taste.

Earth’s anti-itch cream: best thing HANDS DOWN. Over the peak of the summer season I experienced nothing but mosquito bites. My back and legs were covered with them and of course you’re not supposed to scratch them, but I do. I applied a small amount to each of my bites and within seconds I didn’t feel them anymore, I almost forgot they were there until hours later when I put on lotion or accidentally touched them and it was itchy all over again. Loved this 100%.

Simple being, simple diet: I didn’t try this only because they were pills and that’s something I’m not a fan of pill at all. Also, I didn’t think it made sense to take two pills and then wouldn’t be able to follow up or continue with the “diet,” so I didn’t try them.

Beauties, that’s all that was in the box. Overall I found this box of goodies to be very balanced with a variety of products. I was hoping that I would have gotten more products in the box but other than that I was happy.

So guess what? I am offering you beauties a 50% discount when you use the code SWEATPINK. That’s right for a 3-month subscription you will receive 50% off when you use the code SWEATPINK, so if anyone of you beauties will like to give Bulu box a try, now is your chance and please let me know how your experience goes.

Until next time beauties.