Are you In? 30 Day Push-Up Challenge

11:21 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Raise your hand if you want to partake in a push-up challenge! That's what I thought. So for the month of September I would love to do 50 push-ups in one sitting, or at least 10 push-ups up 30 second rest breaks without feeling fatigued. But for this challenge I'm going to end it at 40 push-ups and next month I'll progress to 50. 

Please feel free to modify this to tailor it to your needs. If you feel the need to add more, do so and of course if you feel the need to do less, then that's also acceptable as well. 

The goal of this challenge is to build muscular endurance in your upper body and essentially become stronger, because you know, we all want to do that pull-up sometime in our life's, well at least mine because American Ninja Warrior is in my future. 

Please let me know if you guys are planning to join my challenge and let's check in by the end of the 30 days! Deal? Ok good! See you in your stronger self, 30 days later!