What's in the Fanny Pack?

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What's in the Fanny Pack?

I recently switched over to this expandable fanny pack from Nike and before that I was using that huge chunky red one. It was the best decision I've ever made when it comes to running with my belongings. Now, don't judge this by its size, it's meant to fool you at first until you actually use it to its full capability. 

Running with a fanny pack allows me to put whatever I think I may needed before or after a race inside and not having to worry about it falling out of my bra. My running tights usually don't come with pockets and hence the reason for a fanny pack. 

But what do I really keep inside here and why is it necessary? 

ID card: Very simple, I always keep my ID handy. If someone needed to identify me, they can. Besides, you shouldn't leave the house without ID, but that's my opinion. 

Money/credit card: You never know what's going to happen, where you're going to end up after a race. Usually I find myself at a restaurant shoving down the biggest plate of food I can find. If the plate of food was free then great, but usually it isn't. 

Metro card: For us New Yorkers, a metro card is crucial if you want to get anywhere without a car. In order to make it from point A to B followed by C, D and E I need my metro card. 

Phone charger: After listening to music before the race, during the race, tracking your milage with an app, texting and calling friends to find out where we're meeting up, the phony battery takes a hit. This portable charger is ready to go and I just have to plug my phone in and that's it. 

Lipstick: I'm the lipstick runner! Seriously, I love lipstick and I like it to match my outfits when I'm running and besides, how else are you going to "KissTheRunner?" Hehe, so lipstick is always with me.
(I also travel with my house keys, but I TOTALLY forgot to snap them in. It's literally two small keys, they also can fit in here.)

Everything inside the fanny pack.

Look, it all fits! 

That's it beauties, that's what I run with during races. What do you guys run with? And where do you keep it? Or do you run with anything at all? Let me know!