How to Make a Training Plan and Stick to it!

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Over the years I've make countless training plans and workout routines. I've also had tremendous problems following them and sticking to them. I didn't understand why I had problems until now. And for the past month I've been doing a good job at keeping up with my training. (With exception of a few mishaps.) 

So what's the secret? How does this work? Let me tell you.

1) Creating the plan

Sometimes this can be the most difficult part. Not knowing where to start, where to get your information from and what plan is the best. For me, I know I want to have a great circuit training program that can also incorporate weights as well as some form of cardio, (mainly running in my case) for this I recommend using the Nike Training Club (NTC) app on your smart phone. There you can find some great programs that are tailored to your specific fitness needs and your starting point. 

2) Creating the schedule 

This is probably the most crucial and most important part when it comes to your training plan. I like to create a schedule that I know would work for me 100% so I know I won't have any excuses. Break down your schedule by time each day, doing this will ensure that the time you schedule your workouts for is a time you will always have available. For example on Mondays I get off of work pretty early, so I know after work, I immediately go and workout between the hours of 12pm - 2pm. That's the set time I have on Mondays. And each day, my workouts vary from what they are to what time they take place, ensuring that I would always have time. 

Mondays: 12pm - 2pm
Tuesdays: 8:30pm

Wednesdays: 9:30am - 10:30am
Thursdays: 12pm - 2pm
Fridays: 9:30am - 10:30am
Saturdays: Anytime I leave the house, usually mornings. 

3) Never miss a Monday 

"Well why can't I miss a Monday? All of the other days of the week are available right?" While this is true, Monday's are the start of the workweek for most people and you want to make sure you set your intention for the week. Therefore missing that Monday might cause you to miss your workouts for the rest of the week. Sometimes we can fall into the habit of "I missed Monday so, I'll do it tomorrow." And of course tomorrow never comes. The same way your Monday's are the start of the workweek, make Monday's the start of your workout week as well. 

4) Find or Create a Workout Group 

Find people you can hold accountable and vise versa. This can be pivotal when trying to stay consistent with a workout plan. Your group doesn't have to have the same goals as you, but if all of you guys find a way to get into the gym together or take a run together that will hold each person accountable for the other. Currently my best friends and I hold each other accountable by group message, which is our workout group. If would be much easier if we could all meet up, but one friend lives in White Planes and the other in Connecticut, talk about mileage. Because of the separation we check in with each other, making sure our workouts get completed. 

5) Write where you can see it. 

If you're like me, I need to see what I'm doing, so I make a lot of list. This also includes writing what workouts you need to do on what days. Put it somewhere where it's visible to you at all times. This way it's a constant reminder that you have to get moving. Some people like to make this in the notes section on their smart phone. While it may sound like a good idea, I don't recommend it because let's face it, you're not going to look into your notes all day everyday. This list is best if you keep it on a wall that you pass in your home daily, or your workstation. Either way, make it visible. 

6) Post to Social Media 

I know this seems unnecessary, but it helps me out. During my workout or my runs I'm thinking about what cool picture can I take for my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook that shows off my workout as well as letting my followers know I completed that workout for the day. It holds myself accountable for completing my workout/run but it also might hold one of your viewers accountable as well. See it make sense now right? 

Hopefully these six tips will helpful and would be able to keep you on track during your next training plan. Wishing you beauties all the success and of course keep me updated!