Goals and Motivation

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It's summer time and I've been on a long hiatus from any races with the exception of That time I ran with KevinHart and now this France Run 8K that I'm running on Saturday. But that doesn't mean I've stopping running, this just means I've stopped racing. However, I still have goals I would like to accomplish in the running and non-running world, but it's hard to stay motivated believe me, but I've found a way to do it, a way for my motivation to match my goals. But how? Let's chat for a second. 

Currently I have a couple of goals: 

1) Run a 2:45:00 (or less) half marathon 
2) Get back into the 170's before the year is over. 
3) Becoming a better performance athlete all around.
4) Increasing my pace for future races. 

These four are my main goals that I've set for myself which I think are pretty reasonable for me to achieve. However we all know life gets in the way and we get tossed and pulled in 100 different directions in a day sometimes, which might cause a person to lose focus and overall motivation. So how does one stay motivated with such strong goals? Here's how. 

1) Making improving you a daily habit...

For the longest I've told myself I want and need to run a 2:30:00 half marathon. It might seem slow to some, but it's will be a big accomplishment for me. However, my fastest half marathon to date is 2:53:45 which is not even close to a 2:30, so to start off small, I want to get to 2:45 and then move on to 2:30. I tell myself when I run that I need to improve, that I must get better if I want to perform better. I start small and once I complete that, I'll move up to 2:30. 

2) Small steps can be huge steps...

There was a time where I was 175lbs and I miss that number. I understand that since I'm lifting more my body changes and gains weight differently now which is fine, but I want to be able to lean out and get stronger without the extra baggage. This is my lifestyle change, my journey and I keep myself motivated daily by making better food choices, do I want to spend $2 on chips and a water? Or should I spend $5 on some fruit and a water? It's small steps like these that put me on he right track to success and to my goal. By turning down foods that can be detrimental to my process, I too am becoming stronger mentally. 

3) Envision how you are going to get to where you're going...  

Yes I want to lose weight, yes I want to become faster but I also want to be a better athlete as well. American Ninja Warrior is a serious goal of mine and I'm going to be able to complete the quintuple steps if I don't become a better performer. But keeping myself motivated is a challenge at this because it requires physical and mental demand on ones self. Remembering that the goal is bigger than the discomfort is a big one, usually because one can just give up and not get the results their looking for. But remember how you started, remember when you first tried something and you only completed X amount or you were scared of how you would be perceived? Attack it again and evaluate each time you do complete it and say, "Wow, I did that, I wonder what's going to happen next." 

4) Keep a visible track of your progress... 

If I want to improve my pace per mile I have to make sure I'm executing the pace I've set myself each time I run, but without a visible track of my progress I wouldn't know how I'm performing and if I'm improved or not. By keeping a visible track of yourself you'll understand where you’re at. There are going to be days when you don't perform at your best and that's ok, remember that the work you put in is the work you're going to get out. 

5) Have fun! 

One of the problems that I've encountered when I set goals for myself is that I forget to enjoy the process. In the past I've always found myself setting myself up for goals and telling myself what I want to do, but I've never had any fun doing it and in turn I lost all hope and focus for myself. When challenging yourself to become a better version of you, you're allowing yourself to try new things as well as enjoying the activities you love to do. Don't be afraid to try new things but don't be afraid to continue to do the things you love as well. 

Until next time beauties..