Diva's Half Training: Week #7

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Oh beauties, last week was such a blur; no seriously it truly was a blur. I probably couldn’t even tell you half of the conversations I’ve had last week because I was so focused on taking and passing my NASM personal trainer test. If you haven’t read my story, now is the time to do so. >>Journey to NASM<<

Last week I was scheduled for..

Monday: Strength training
Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: Cross training
Thursday: Strength training/speed work
Friday: 3 mile run
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: Rest

I actually completed..

Tuesday: 4 mile run


Woah, that’s A LOT of blanks there right? Yes, I know. The majority of the week I was focused on taking my NASM exam and I couldn’t really wrap my mind on anything else. I got out and ran on Tuesday because I was super stressed and I needed to clear my head. I was so stressed I became sick and it was just hard for me to do anything.

Once I took my exam and passed on Thursday, I was able to breathe. I took the rest of the day and went to my mother job to tell her the good news and we went shopping afterwards. On Friday I went to work and felt so relived that I didn’t have to worry my head with studying for an exam. On Saturday I did more shopping with my mom and Sunday I went to my friends sons birthday party. See, pretty busy right?

This week is back to full focus. I’ve gotten everything out of the way and I can now just focus on training as well as other life issues.

That’s all that’s going right now beauties. Until next week.