That Time I Ran With Kevin Hart!

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Did you #RunWithHart yesterday? And by Hart I mean Kevin Hart, yes folks the comedian. He hosted a 5K run yesterday in conjunction with Nike in Prospect Park to help keep communities active. It was VERY last minute and so spontaneous that it was amazing how much of a success it turned out to be.

The race was supposed to begin at 9:34am but luckily for me it began around 10:00am. I say that because once again MTA really knows how to screw a girl over. I gave myself ample time to leave my house. I take the B15 bus to the train station to only find out that the 3 trains aren’t running, so this means I have to jump on the shuttle bus and from there I had to jump on the train anyway to get to the park.

Once at the park, I still had to find the start line that was a challenge in itself. I started running once I heard the sound of his voice over the microphone and then made a mad dash to the stage that he was on.

Of course I missed the BGR! group photo

Once there it was time to go, I checked in with the Nike staff received my T-shirt and just continued to walk until it was time to run.

I’ve run Prospect Park about 50+ times but I just couldn’t remember where I was in the park. I see a group of people take off on the side and I realized it was Kevin Hart and his team of people running with him, I knew I couldn’t even keep that pace and I wasn’t even going to try, eventually I knew I was going to see him.

This race went right in line with my training schedule for the week. I was coming to Prospect Park anyway to get a run in, but to also have fun doing it with Kevin Hart? Yea, that was a plus.

Along the course I caught up with my BGR! sis Shelly and we were talking just catching up and as soon as we decided to slow down, we realized that we almost at the finish and to top it off, we saw Kevin running right pass by us but to top that off he came back around to get his son on the course and boom look where they were.

That’s right, behind us. I managed to snap this shot of Shelly and I with him and his son in the background. Which is great because I didn’t even think I was going to see him on the course.

Shelly and I finished and we made our way back to the stage where Kevin first was earlier that morning, but along the way we got water, Gatorade, an icee, a green juice and a kind bar. Isn’t that a lot of stuff for one small race? I couldn’t believe it myself.

I wanted to take a picture of everything I ended up picking up, but seriously, I couldn’t even do that.
But Kevin came on the stage after the run and he gave a great speech. Take a listen here.

(he flailed the white shirt)

And check out this shot

(Photo credit Crystal Isley)

After this I lost Shelly but met up with Crystal and we took a couple of pictures together and we went on our way home.

We walked out of the park and saw the Nike NYC truck and took some pictures, here’s mine.

We said our goodbyes and I went home to eat and take a shower and cleaned my room.

This was as run and quick race, it was a more than a 5K like originally stated but, who cares it was quick run and easy and if Kevin Hart did this again next weekend, I’ll be right there with him.