Summer Maintenance: Beating the Heat

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It's summer time, which is supposed to be one of the best times of the year. No school, late evenings, rooftop parties, hanging out with friends, great BBQ's and everything else that you can think of when it comes to summer. 

However, summer is also the time where we see a lot of changes in our routines, bodies and possibly our eating habits as well. Welcome to Summer Maintenance. 

During the summer I've notice a lot of changes, some good and some not so good. Because of this, I have to change my routine from what I do in the winter/spring time to accommodate for the hotter summer months. 

So let's get right into it and hopefully some of you can incorporate some of this in your daily routine as well. 

Of course this is a given, but for me I have to increase my intake of water daily. Over the summer months I find myself wanting to indulge in more of those fruity summery drinks and eat way more candy, therefor I neglect the water. I always keep a water bottle handy, my gym bag, my purse, or wherever. Water is very much essential and helps keep your internal body temperature cool.


My face breaks out very badly over the summer, probably due to all the sweating I do over the summer, especially when running. Because of this I use coconut oil after I wash my face to prevent unnecessary bumps and blemishes. Also I use face scrub for the same reasons and it leaves your face feeling fresh and buildup free. 

Over the summer time I hang out with friends a lot and let's face it, who doesn't like to look their best? I wear a lot of lipstick during the summer as well as during races, and in order for my lips not to become dried out, I "exfoliate" them with this sugar scrub. Leaves my lips feeling soft and ready for bed. However, be careful because after one lick, it might be addicting, YUM! 


I don't like walking around super sweaty after an intense session at the gym. So I bring an extra change of clothes, even if I don't shower. Walking outside in sweaty clothes, in the hot sun can really over heat you, plus you'll probably smell, and you don't want to smell.

And finally 

5) UP-DO's

I don't have super long hair and that's ok. However I am a "naturalista" and my texture hair can become problematic to do every morning because it takes time to make sure all of the tresses are in place and when I'm running or working out the last thing I want to think of is "I spent 20 minutes doing my hair this morning, do I really want to mess it up?" So to avoid all of that, I've been wearing my hair in either a bun or a halo braid. Very simple and I don't even have to redo my hair until the week is over and it saves time in the morning which means more sleep for me! I take it down, wash and repeat for the following week. 

There it goes beauties, my five favorite summer maintenance tips. Hopefully this was helpful and of course please feel free to share your summer tips and tricks of how to stay flawless!