Shut up and RUN with ME!

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My beauties! I have some exciting news for you! As most of you know I work for Women's Health Magazine as an Action Hero and what that means is I get to work with them on any upcoming projects. 

So what is it that I'm working on? It's called Run 10 Feed 10! Some of you might have heard of it and some of you might have not, so here's a little bit about the program and it's purpose. 

"RUN 10 FEED 10 started in 2012 with the hope of raising money and awareness for the dire hunger problem in America. The concept was a simple one. RUN a 10K and FEED 10 hungry people in your hometown. Since we started, you’ve helped us to raise enough money to provide 3.75 million meals to Americans in need. Now, going into our fourth year, we need your help once again to reach our goal of providing 5 million meals." -Run10Feed10 website.

It actually means a lot to me to be apart of this and I want you guys to be apart of this as well. It's a 10K (6.2 miles) run on pier 84 at Hudson River Park, 7am on September 20th and the best part is that you don't have to be an avid runner to take part. You can surely walk, jog or even skip along the course! No excuses on why you can't be there. 

I want all of you to run with me because it's for a great cause, feeding the hungry. By running with us you are helping decrease the hunger crisis in America. 

How to get on this action you might ask? Just head over to to register. Yes, yes, tell ALL of your friends too, the more the merrier. But that's not all! Because you guys are all my friends, I'm giving you a chance to save $5 upon registering when you use the code WHBUCHANAN. That's right, by using that code at checkout you can save $5 and be apart of this amazing cause. 

Because this is something that I hold dear to me, I've also decided to raise money for this cause. So anything you can give is helpful. Please visit this my fundraising SITE to give to the cause to help. 

I hope to see all of you beauties on the course so we can run together!