Queens 10K: Recap

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FINALLY! Queens 10K race recap.

This day was a mess all together. Trains were running with delays and then not at all, buses drivers became best friends and a medal was added to the medal rack. Listen to this…

That morning, my friend Avonna and I woke up to get ready to run the Queens 10K. We got dressed, ate breakfast and headed out the door. We were still pretty tired but never the less excited to run as we’re both qualifying for our 9+1 this year to gain entry to the NYC TCS Marathon for 2016.

Let me start by saying that getting to the start was very prolonged thanks to MTA, we we’re originally were supposed to take the A train to the 7 train and that’s it, however that didn’t happen.

We got on the A train and made our way to 42nd street to transfer to the 7 train to take it to Mets-Willets Point station, however it didn’t happen that easily. We got to two stops before we were delayed about 10 minutes and then we heard “due to signal problems at Queensboro plaza we’ll be moving shortly.” 25 minutes later that turned into “There are no 7 trains currently running in both directions,” yea, so we had to get off the train and take the N train to Queensboro plaza. This whole time we were in communication with NYRR via twitter who was aware of the situation and delayed the start time twice from 9:00am to 9:25am to 9:45am.

At Queensboro plaza we thought there was going to be shuttle busses since other runners via twitter said there were there, but by the time we got there they all left, so the Q32 bus we had to take to put us closer to the start line.

Luckily, the driver felt so bad for us after explaining the ordeal we went through just to get to this race, he let us off at his bus dock which was SO much closer than the last stop on the bus. An hour and a half trip turned into almost three hours, but from the bus dock, we walked to the start line.
Walking around looking for the strip mat, we knew we had to get in and finish if we wanted to receive credit for this race. We couldn’t have gone through this ordeal and just stand around, we knew that and it was go time.

I don’t remember much of anything else but getting my medal, taking pictures and making my way back home.

I don’t even have a time that I ran this course in because we made it so late that the trackers have been removed, I didn’t even get a chance to start my watch, oh well there are other 10Ks.

Have you guys ever been through something like this? Would you have just given up and went home or stuck it out?