Happy 4th of July!

10:48 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Happy 4th of July beautiful friends. I hope everyone is either off from work, or if not, you're going to have a wonderful day when you do get off of work. Currently I have two of my best friends at my house watching Masterchef as we're going to soon to get ready to start our day.

(They are going to kill me for this LOL) 

We're going to have lunch at the southern american restaurant called SoCo's and then we're going to Dave and Busters (yes, we love arcades around here,) so that's going to be exciting and eventful. Last night we went to see Magic Mike XXL and it was pretty decent. I only say that because it really didn't have a story line and I was just waiting to see them dance, so in theory the dancing parts were GREAT. 

(Me, Shanique & Vanessa) 

Will be back after this holiday. Enjoy your weekend beauties.