Front Runners 5 Mile Pride Run: Recap

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Have you ever been so excited for a race that you realized you didn't know how to get there? No? Well lucky you because this happens to me almost all the time now and no matter how many runners I ask how to get there NO ONE KNOWS, but we're all running the same race, amazing right? Anyway...

On June 27, 2015 the Front Runners Pride 5 mile run took place on Saturday. This came on the heels of the supreme court decision to legalize gay marriage in the country on Friday, how exciting! 

I goal was to stand out and I think I did that. I was trying to find anything that would be bold and different but I didn't find any of that, so I had to make my own, at least the shirt. 

The shirt I tie-dyed myself, it didn't come out as bright as I would have liked it, but the six colors were on the shirt and that's all that mattered. I had this tutu from two years ago and I'm glad I decided to keep it around for moments like this. The bandana is clipped unto the back on the shirt (that's how I wanted the shirt to look,) followed by the lei I wrapped around my puff and some sock that I had my friend pick up for me because these were the ONLY socks I could get after I went searching for these socks.

Another Central Park race, which is becoming annoying. Those damn rolling hills are a killer, but I don't practice running there enough to adapt to the park. Maybe I should do that. 

The race wasn't bad at all. I wasn't paying attention to the mileage in terms of where I was on the course. I knew I had a start line and a finish like and that was about it. 

My finish time was 1:08:39. Very slow and easy pace for me. These small races I'm not trying to PR, I'm just trying to qualify and it's the summer time, too many people are passing out on the course and I just can't be one of these people. 

Afterwards, we got icees that changed flavors as you ate it, super cool! 

The Front Runners Facebook page caught a cool picture of me running. 

Pretty cool huh? 

Because I thought I was cute.