Diva's Half Marathon Training

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October 4, 2015. This is my next half marathon. The Diva's half in Long Island, NY. I'm super excited because it's one I've never done before and also BGR has partnered with the event. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@KissTheRunner) you would know that I started training for this race on July 1st. That was the perfect date to start training and give myself ample time to get ready.

From what I've been hearing the course is flat and should be easy to PR on which is exactly what I'm looking to do. The few half marathons that I've ran this year I came close to a PR but didn't do so. So I'm leaving it all on the course on October 4th, training, strength training, cross training and the good stuff has all been incorporated into my program. 

So what is the program that I'm following? It's something I tweaked from an old program that was given to me last year and I made it tailored to my schedule and what I know I can do on which days so I would have no excuses. 

The general breakdown of this schedule is: 

Monday: Strength Training 
Tuesday: Run 
Wednesday: Cross Train 
Thursday: Strength Training 
Friday: Run
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday Rest 

The specific breakdown (week by week) is: 

As each week progresses I change the tempo that I run and increase my mileage to probably about 10% throughout the week and the weekends with my long runs. I found that this program was very helpful when I ran the Brooklyn Half so I'm giving it another round as I train for the Diva's half marathon. 

I'm super excited and ready to tackle races outside of my 9+1 for NYRR. Hopefully I wouldn't be too burned out because the Staten Island half is the weekend after. This is doable right? Yea, I thought so. 

What is the next race you are training for and where is it? How is your training going?