Diva's Half Training: Weeks 1 - 3

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It’s been three weeks since I’ve starting training for the Diva’s Half Marathon and it’s being going well so far. Well, scratch that. The past two weeks have been pretty decent. The first week wasn’t all that great.

Week 1: I started to start on July 1st and that was leading into 4th of July weekend. I did my cross training and strength training for that Wednesday and Thursday but anything after that didn’t happen. Why? Because my friends came over for the weekend and I couldn’t care less of what type of training I did. I haven’t seen them in months and I probably could have gotten some type of run in, but I wasn’t going to force it.

Week 2: I did a pretty decent job of getting all of my workouts in except on Friday the 10th when I was supposed to go for a run but I didn’t and just did some yoga. That Saturday I was supposed to go for a 45 minute run, but I ran with Kevin Hart in Prospect Park which ended up almost being a four mile run. It worked for my training so I went with it.

Week 3 (last week): Last week I did really well. All workout and runs completed, wait except one, ugh again? Well that’s because it was supposed to thunderstorm and it did for a few minutes, but then stopped, but why didn’t I go for a run? Because I went shopping and picked up a few workout clothes at Kohl’s. They had a great sale going on and I just couldn’t let some of those things sit in the store. A pair of shorts and the matching tank and a pair of capris with the matching sweater (the purple and pink set.)

Here’s Tuesday’s run

And here’s Friday’s run
(Same 30 minutes and a ran a bit more distance, which means I got faster!

So, this week makes week four and I have completed my Monday workout. I’m looking to be successful in completing this whole week on the schedule, however life doesn’t stop and I have obligations to fulfill but that’s not an excuse. I’ll keep you beauties updated on this weeks training.