Summer Maintenance: Beating the Heat

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It's summer time, which is supposed to be one of the best times of the year. No school, late evenings, rooftop parties, hanging out with friends, great BBQ's and everything else that you can think of when it comes to summer. 

However, summer is also the time where we see a lot of changes in our routines, bodies and possibly our eating habits as well. Welcome to Summer Maintenance. 

During the summer I've notice a lot of changes, some good and some not so good. Because of this, I have to change my routine from what I do in the winter/spring time to accommodate for the hotter summer months. 

So let's get right into it and hopefully some of you can incorporate some of this in your daily routine as well. 

Of course this is a given, but for me I have to increase my intake of water daily. Over the summer months I find myself wanting to indulge in more of those fruity summery drinks and eat way more candy, therefor I neglect the water. I always keep a water bottle handy, my gym bag, my purse, or wherever. Water is very much essential and helps keep your internal body temperature cool.


My face breaks out very badly over the summer, probably due to all the sweating I do over the summer, especially when running. Because of this I use coconut oil after I wash my face to prevent unnecessary bumps and blemishes. Also I use face scrub for the same reasons and it leaves your face feeling fresh and buildup free. 

Over the summer time I hang out with friends a lot and let's face it, who doesn't like to look their best? I wear a lot of lipstick during the summer as well as during races, and in order for my lips not to become dried out, I "exfoliate" them with this sugar scrub. Leaves my lips feeling soft and ready for bed. However, be careful because after one lick, it might be addicting, YUM! 


I don't like walking around super sweaty after an intense session at the gym. So I bring an extra change of clothes, even if I don't shower. Walking outside in sweaty clothes, in the hot sun can really over heat you, plus you'll probably smell, and you don't want to smell.

And finally 

5) UP-DO's

I don't have super long hair and that's ok. However I am a "naturalista" and my texture hair can become problematic to do every morning because it takes time to make sure all of the tresses are in place and when I'm running or working out the last thing I want to think of is "I spent 20 minutes doing my hair this morning, do I really want to mess it up?" So to avoid all of that, I've been wearing my hair in either a bun or a halo braid. Very simple and I don't even have to redo my hair until the week is over and it saves time in the morning which means more sleep for me! I take it down, wash and repeat for the following week. 

There it goes beauties, my five favorite summer maintenance tips. Hopefully this was helpful and of course please feel free to share your summer tips and tricks of how to stay flawless! 

Product Review: Mizuno Wave Enigma 5

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My beauties! I have an exciting new product to tell you about. Hopefully it's one that you're interested in trying! So without further adieu let's just chat.
These right here are the NEW Wave Enigma 5 by Mizuno. Over the last couple of months, I've had the pleasure of running in these sneakers and let me tell you, it was well worth it.  The specifics of the Wave Enigma 5 are as follows: 

The new Mizuno Wave Enigma 5 raises the standards in cushioning with the introduction of u4ic-X (pronounced euphoric-x), Mizuno's newest midsole foam technology that delivers the softest, most responsive cushiony ride. Combined with light and flexible materials to allow freedom of movement, the Enigma 5 offers additional cushioning with new U-shaped Wave® Technology to reduce shock at foot impact. This is the running shoe for those seeking the ultimate ride experience on a neutral platform with a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Mizuno Wave Technology® provides runners with a stable ride from landing to toe-off. Features a Double Fan Wave with articled forefoot Wave Plate for the optimal blend of shock attenuation guidance and lightweight flexibility.

All of this to say that these sneakers are SUPER comfortable and make for a very easy run. I have trouble finding a prefect pair of sneakers other than my normal ones that I usually wear and I really go for comfort and then style because let's face it, who wants to run uncomfortably? 

Another pro of the Wave Enigma 5 is they are super lightweight, don't judge a sneaker by its looks, trust me. When I first laid eyes on these sneakers I thought they were going to be EXTREMELY heavy and clunky, something I HATE when it comes to sneakers, I just don't like being weighed down. However these are totally the opposite what I described, they are literally clouds, yes folks i said clouds!

How many pairs of sneakers do you own that you can call clouds? If you own more than one, then that's amazing because this is my first. But another great detail I've become infatuated with are the laces on these babies,
These are not traditional shoelaces, it's a softer texture that isn't as hard as traditional laces and of course is perfect for when lacing up your sneakers. 

For me, when I lace up my sneakers with traditional laces, I can feel the laces pressing my foot, almost like I'm tying them too tight. With these, I place the same amount of pressure on them and it's prefect. I don't get that feeling of the laces cutting into my skin though the sneaker! 

While I did fall in love with the fit of these sneakers, I just wasn't a fan of the color. I'm a flashy girl and I love bright colors, or even colors out of the ordinary. So this blue/silver scheme disappointed me somewhat, but obviously didn't take away from the comfort of the sneaker.

Overall these sneakers are pretty much perfect for anything. I've used them when I stand on my feet for hours at work and it's great, no lower foot pain for me. This is my first time trying Mizuno sneakers and this particular style was a prefect fit for these feet of mine. 

Head over to the Mizuno website to check out these beauties and possibly get yourself a pair! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

Diva Half Training: Week #4

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All I wanted to do is get through one COMPLETE week of training, why can’t this happen? Help! 

This weeks schedule was SUPPOSED to look like this:

Monday: Strength training
Tuesday: 30 minutes run
Wednesday: Cross training
Thursday: Strength training
Friday: 30 minute run and yoga
Saturday: 90 minute run
Sunday: Rest

What ACTUALLY happened was this:

Monday: Strength training
Wednesday: Cross training
Thursday: VERY, VERY, VERY crappy strength training
Sunday: Rest

As you can see, I didn’t complete ANY of my running this week and I’m very disappointed in that. I was way too crampy to even attempt moving my legs in that type of motion so I just didn’t do it. And then to top it off, my nutrition was just all over the place, so there’s another wrench thrown.

All I can do is keep going right? I’m not giving up because this race isn’t going anywhere, so I am just going to give it my all next this upcoming week hopefully there will be something different to report to you my beauties!

Have you ever have trouble with training? How did you cope/get over it?

Shut up and RUN with ME!

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My beauties! I have some exciting news for you! As most of you know I work for Women's Health Magazine as an Action Hero and what that means is I get to work with them on any upcoming projects. 

So what is it that I'm working on? It's called Run 10 Feed 10! Some of you might have heard of it and some of you might have not, so here's a little bit about the program and it's purpose. 

"RUN 10 FEED 10 started in 2012 with the hope of raising money and awareness for the dire hunger problem in America. The concept was a simple one. RUN a 10K and FEED 10 hungry people in your hometown. Since we started, you’ve helped us to raise enough money to provide 3.75 million meals to Americans in need. Now, going into our fourth year, we need your help once again to reach our goal of providing 5 million meals." -Run10Feed10 website.

It actually means a lot to me to be apart of this and I want you guys to be apart of this as well. It's a 10K (6.2 miles) run on pier 84 at Hudson River Park, 7am on September 20th and the best part is that you don't have to be an avid runner to take part. You can surely walk, jog or even skip along the course! No excuses on why you can't be there. 

I want all of you to run with me because it's for a great cause, feeding the hungry. By running with us you are helping decrease the hunger crisis in America. 

How to get on this action you might ask? Just head over to to register. Yes, yes, tell ALL of your friends too, the more the merrier. But that's not all! Because you guys are all my friends, I'm giving you a chance to save $5 upon registering when you use the code WHBUCHANAN. That's right, by using that code at checkout you can save $5 and be apart of this amazing cause. 

Because this is something that I hold dear to me, I've also decided to raise money for this cause. So anything you can give is helpful. Please visit this my fundraising SITE to give to the cause to help. 

I hope to see all of you beauties on the course so we can run together! 

Diva's Half Training: Weeks 1 - 3

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It’s been three weeks since I’ve starting training for the Diva’s Half Marathon and it’s being going well so far. Well, scratch that. The past two weeks have been pretty decent. The first week wasn’t all that great.

Week 1: I started to start on July 1st and that was leading into 4th of July weekend. I did my cross training and strength training for that Wednesday and Thursday but anything after that didn’t happen. Why? Because my friends came over for the weekend and I couldn’t care less of what type of training I did. I haven’t seen them in months and I probably could have gotten some type of run in, but I wasn’t going to force it.

Week 2: I did a pretty decent job of getting all of my workouts in except on Friday the 10th when I was supposed to go for a run but I didn’t and just did some yoga. That Saturday I was supposed to go for a 45 minute run, but I ran with Kevin Hart in Prospect Park which ended up almost being a four mile run. It worked for my training so I went with it.

Week 3 (last week): Last week I did really well. All workout and runs completed, wait except one, ugh again? Well that’s because it was supposed to thunderstorm and it did for a few minutes, but then stopped, but why didn’t I go for a run? Because I went shopping and picked up a few workout clothes at Kohl’s. They had a great sale going on and I just couldn’t let some of those things sit in the store. A pair of shorts and the matching tank and a pair of capris with the matching sweater (the purple and pink set.)

Here’s Tuesday’s run

And here’s Friday’s run
(Same 30 minutes and a ran a bit more distance, which means I got faster!

So, this week makes week four and I have completed my Monday workout. I’m looking to be successful in completing this whole week on the schedule, however life doesn’t stop and I have obligations to fulfill but that’s not an excuse. I’ll keep you beauties updated on this weeks training.

Why I Am Not Running Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn

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All the buzz about the Rock n Roll Brooklyn half marathon has been circulating like hot cakes. Everyone is super excited and can't wait for this amazing run to come back to Brooklyn after a two-year hiatus with a longer course.

I myself was thinking about running this race. I planned out how I was going to train, my running schedule, even down to what I was going to wear. I knew it was going to be a challenge since I have the Staten Island half the day after, but I thought I could do it. 

But then it hit me...

There’s a possibility of injury here. A possibility that I might not finish both races, I thought about it and I let the Pride 5 Mile run and the Achilles 5 mile run become my testers. Both runs were back to back and I assessed how I felt, if I felt fine I knew I was up for the challenge, but if not then I knew it wasn't for me. 

It wasn't for me...

When I began the Achilles 5 mile run my shins, quads and hamstrings were on fire. At that point I knew running 13.1 miles on a Saturday and Sunday wasn't in my power. My legs weren't putting up with the mileage even though it was a short distance. While running the Achilles 5 miler, I knew at that point RnR Brooklyn wasn’t for me.

Then I also started to assess other factors as well. I’m running the Diva’s Half Marathon on October 4th and then the Staten Island half on October 11th. Trying to fit another half marathon between those two doesn’t even seem reasonable.

Also, where is all of this money coming from? How am I going to pay for all of these races, the outfits, transportation and don’t forget the post race meals, YUM!

After assessing all of the factors that would go into each race, I decided that running RnR Brooklyn isn’t for me and it wasn’t in my wheelhouse this year. If all goes well with the event this year, I’ll be sure to be there next year.  

Have you guys ever taken on too many races that you couldn’t handle? How did you deal with it?

Front Runners 5 Mile Pride Run: Recap

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Have you ever been so excited for a race that you realized you didn't know how to get there? No? Well lucky you because this happens to me almost all the time now and no matter how many runners I ask how to get there NO ONE KNOWS, but we're all running the same race, amazing right? Anyway...

On June 27, 2015 the Front Runners Pride 5 mile run took place on Saturday. This came on the heels of the supreme court decision to legalize gay marriage in the country on Friday, how exciting! 

I goal was to stand out and I think I did that. I was trying to find anything that would be bold and different but I didn't find any of that, so I had to make my own, at least the shirt. 

The shirt I tie-dyed myself, it didn't come out as bright as I would have liked it, but the six colors were on the shirt and that's all that mattered. I had this tutu from two years ago and I'm glad I decided to keep it around for moments like this. The bandana is clipped unto the back on the shirt (that's how I wanted the shirt to look,) followed by the lei I wrapped around my puff and some sock that I had my friend pick up for me because these were the ONLY socks I could get after I went searching for these socks.

Another Central Park race, which is becoming annoying. Those damn rolling hills are a killer, but I don't practice running there enough to adapt to the park. Maybe I should do that. 

The race wasn't bad at all. I wasn't paying attention to the mileage in terms of where I was on the course. I knew I had a start line and a finish like and that was about it. 

My finish time was 1:08:39. Very slow and easy pace for me. These small races I'm not trying to PR, I'm just trying to qualify and it's the summer time, too many people are passing out on the course and I just can't be one of these people. 

Afterwards, we got icees that changed flavors as you ate it, super cool! 

The Front Runners Facebook page caught a cool picture of me running. 

Pretty cool huh? 

Because I thought I was cute. 

That Time I Ran With Kevin Hart!

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Did you #RunWithHart yesterday? And by Hart I mean Kevin Hart, yes folks the comedian. He hosted a 5K run yesterday in conjunction with Nike in Prospect Park to help keep communities active. It was VERY last minute and so spontaneous that it was amazing how much of a success it turned out to be.

The race was supposed to begin at 9:34am but luckily for me it began around 10:00am. I say that because once again MTA really knows how to screw a girl over. I gave myself ample time to leave my house. I take the B15 bus to the train station to only find out that the 3 trains aren’t running, so this means I have to jump on the shuttle bus and from there I had to jump on the train anyway to get to the park.

Once at the park, I still had to find the start line that was a challenge in itself. I started running once I heard the sound of his voice over the microphone and then made a mad dash to the stage that he was on.

Of course I missed the BGR! group photo

Once there it was time to go, I checked in with the Nike staff received my T-shirt and just continued to walk until it was time to run.

I’ve run Prospect Park about 50+ times but I just couldn’t remember where I was in the park. I see a group of people take off on the side and I realized it was Kevin Hart and his team of people running with him, I knew I couldn’t even keep that pace and I wasn’t even going to try, eventually I knew I was going to see him.

This race went right in line with my training schedule for the week. I was coming to Prospect Park anyway to get a run in, but to also have fun doing it with Kevin Hart? Yea, that was a plus.

Along the course I caught up with my BGR! sis Shelly and we were talking just catching up and as soon as we decided to slow down, we realized that we almost at the finish and to top it off, we saw Kevin running right pass by us but to top that off he came back around to get his son on the course and boom look where they were.

That’s right, behind us. I managed to snap this shot of Shelly and I with him and his son in the background. Which is great because I didn’t even think I was going to see him on the course.

Shelly and I finished and we made our way back to the stage where Kevin first was earlier that morning, but along the way we got water, Gatorade, an icee, a green juice and a kind bar. Isn’t that a lot of stuff for one small race? I couldn’t believe it myself.

I wanted to take a picture of everything I ended up picking up, but seriously, I couldn’t even do that.
But Kevin came on the stage after the run and he gave a great speech. Take a listen here.

(he flailed the white shirt)

And check out this shot

(Photo credit Crystal Isley)

After this I lost Shelly but met up with Crystal and we took a couple of pictures together and we went on our way home.

We walked out of the park and saw the Nike NYC truck and took some pictures, here’s mine.

We said our goodbyes and I went home to eat and take a shower and cleaned my room.

This was as run and quick race, it was a more than a 5K like originally stated but, who cares it was quick run and easy and if Kevin Hart did this again next weekend, I’ll be right there with him.

Diva's Half Marathon Training

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October 4, 2015. This is my next half marathon. The Diva's half in Long Island, NY. I'm super excited because it's one I've never done before and also BGR has partnered with the event. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@KissTheRunner) you would know that I started training for this race on July 1st. That was the perfect date to start training and give myself ample time to get ready.

From what I've been hearing the course is flat and should be easy to PR on which is exactly what I'm looking to do. The few half marathons that I've ran this year I came close to a PR but didn't do so. So I'm leaving it all on the course on October 4th, training, strength training, cross training and the good stuff has all been incorporated into my program. 

So what is the program that I'm following? It's something I tweaked from an old program that was given to me last year and I made it tailored to my schedule and what I know I can do on which days so I would have no excuses. 

The general breakdown of this schedule is: 

Monday: Strength Training 
Tuesday: Run 
Wednesday: Cross Train 
Thursday: Strength Training 
Friday: Run
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday Rest 

The specific breakdown (week by week) is: 

As each week progresses I change the tempo that I run and increase my mileage to probably about 10% throughout the week and the weekends with my long runs. I found that this program was very helpful when I ran the Brooklyn Half so I'm giving it another round as I train for the Diva's half marathon. 

I'm super excited and ready to tackle races outside of my 9+1 for NYRR. Hopefully I wouldn't be too burned out because the Staten Island half is the weekend after. This is doable right? Yea, I thought so. 

What is the next race you are training for and where is it? How is your training going? 

Queens 10K: Recap

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FINALLY! Queens 10K race recap.

This day was a mess all together. Trains were running with delays and then not at all, buses drivers became best friends and a medal was added to the medal rack. Listen to this…

That morning, my friend Avonna and I woke up to get ready to run the Queens 10K. We got dressed, ate breakfast and headed out the door. We were still pretty tired but never the less excited to run as we’re both qualifying for our 9+1 this year to gain entry to the NYC TCS Marathon for 2016.

Let me start by saying that getting to the start was very prolonged thanks to MTA, we we’re originally were supposed to take the A train to the 7 train and that’s it, however that didn’t happen.

We got on the A train and made our way to 42nd street to transfer to the 7 train to take it to Mets-Willets Point station, however it didn’t happen that easily. We got to two stops before we were delayed about 10 minutes and then we heard “due to signal problems at Queensboro plaza we’ll be moving shortly.” 25 minutes later that turned into “There are no 7 trains currently running in both directions,” yea, so we had to get off the train and take the N train to Queensboro plaza. This whole time we were in communication with NYRR via twitter who was aware of the situation and delayed the start time twice from 9:00am to 9:25am to 9:45am.

At Queensboro plaza we thought there was going to be shuttle busses since other runners via twitter said there were there, but by the time we got there they all left, so the Q32 bus we had to take to put us closer to the start line.

Luckily, the driver felt so bad for us after explaining the ordeal we went through just to get to this race, he let us off at his bus dock which was SO much closer than the last stop on the bus. An hour and a half trip turned into almost three hours, but from the bus dock, we walked to the start line.
Walking around looking for the strip mat, we knew we had to get in and finish if we wanted to receive credit for this race. We couldn’t have gone through this ordeal and just stand around, we knew that and it was go time.

I don’t remember much of anything else but getting my medal, taking pictures and making my way back home.

I don’t even have a time that I ran this course in because we made it so late that the trackers have been removed, I didn’t even get a chance to start my watch, oh well there are other 10Ks.

Have you guys ever been through something like this? Would you have just given up and went home or stuck it out?

Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July beautiful friends. I hope everyone is either off from work, or if not, you're going to have a wonderful day when you do get off of work. Currently I have two of my best friends at my house watching Masterchef as we're going to soon to get ready to start our day.

(They are going to kill me for this LOL) 

We're going to have lunch at the southern american restaurant called SoCo's and then we're going to Dave and Busters (yes, we love arcades around here,) so that's going to be exciting and eventful. Last night we went to see Magic Mike XXL and it was pretty decent. I only say that because it really didn't have a story line and I was just waiting to see them dance, so in theory the dancing parts were GREAT. 

(Me, Shanique & Vanessa) 

Will be back after this holiday. Enjoy your weekend beauties.