UAEHK 10K Recap!

10:43 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

I ran the United Arab Emirates healthy kidney 10K almost two weeks ago and it was nice calm race. It was the second time I’ve ran in Central Park, (the first was when I ran the United NYC Half) and it was so hilly which wasn’t good for my ankle that I’ve been having problems with.

One of the things that made this race enjoyable was the late start time. 9:00am, I mean I didn’t have to leave my house until 7:15am which freaked me out a bit because I almost forgot that I was running a race that morning since I was home so late.

When I arrived to race central I was 40 minutes early, which gave me enough time to stretch and take multiple selfies.

This race almost felt too easy, too smooth. It wasn’t congested as most NYRR races are, there wasn’t any feeling anxiousness that I usually get when I run races, it was just a relaxing six miles.
I will say at one point of the race was super hot and there was just no hiding from the sun. I could feel my skin getting hot and I remembered running through some sprinklers to cool myself down, which worked. I also ended up running in my sunglasses because it was just too much sun to run without them.

In the end I did take this race pretty easy and I finished at 1:24:45. I didn’t run this race for time at the risk of injuring my ankle more than it was already bothersome that morning but those hills are a killer.

My next race is the Mink Oakley 10K this Saturday. What is your next race?