Mini Oakley 10K: Recap

10:20 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Who loves an all women’s race? I do!

Last Saturday I ran the Oakley Women’s 10K and let me tell you, it was super hot and humid, so lets face it, I don’t do my best work in the heat, but it’s better than freezing temperatures, strike that, I don’t like the heat.

I knew going into this race I had no plans of a PR due to a long workweek and really, really, REALLY hot temperatures, two things that hindered me and I just knew I needed to take it easy.
Of course I met up with the BGR ladies and took our group photo.

(There’s me with the pink headband on the right)

After that, I headed off to the bathrooms and I finally run into this beauty Alicia and met her friend Ashley (who I didn’t take a picture with.)

This ended up being the same course as the UAEHK 10K race in central park, but the first mile or so was done outside of the park which was fine, nothing too different.

I remember as we hit the 5K mark that marathonfoto were giving us complementary photos, so I had to remember to smile, but to also try and obtain a “serious” running photo, because lets face it, I love to look “serious” while running.

At the end of the race I met up with my friend Miriam and took some pictures and headed over to Starbucks to grab something to eat and then it was a train ride back home because we had to work later that night.

Isn’t this medal super cute? I’m not a fan of a lot of pink, but this medal is just the cutest I’ve received thus far.

Overall this race was very congested and it seemed as if there was always a bottleneck until about mile five. It was very hard to navigate and get around the course and water stations were just a nightmare, but other than that it was a great race.

How do you beat running in the heat? How comfortable are you running in heat?