Running: What to do? Or NOT!

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How long has it been since I’ve started running, two years now? That seems about right. Two years isn’t a long time but you surely do learn experience a plethora of race “do’s and don’t,” as well as what works for you and what doesn’t work for you, but of course this goes to say, what works for me, might not work for you, but there’s nothing wrong with taking some pointers.

When I first started running back in 2013, I was very new to the sport and somewhat lost. I didn’t know what the difference between a 5K and a half marathon, I didn’t know how to fuel properly, I was very unaware of the types of sneakers I needed to wear which made it very difficult to find a groove with running, but I ran more, I learned more.

So lets go through what I am calling the “do’s and don’ts of running and races:


*Create a training plan. There a many resources for training plans for whatever distance you’re planning to run.

*Give yourself time to run the distance. For someone who hasn’t run before it isn’t safe to take on a 5K or a marathon in a short amount of time.

*Join a running group, make friends and learn from these people. Chances are there is at least 10 people who have been running longer than you have and they will be able to help you achieve your running goals.

*To be a strong runner, you also have to cross and strength train. This mean you should also be completing some low impact exercise that is beneficial to running whether it be running, cycling or yoga. Make sure your strengthening the muscles in your legs and core especially, these muscles are going to be the driving force of what’s going to make you a better, stronger, faster and more efficient runner.

*What you eat is important for energy while running. Make sure the food that you put in your body is nothing but beneficial.

*Purchase some running/workout clothes. Nothing is worse than trying to run or train for races in sweat pants, nothing.


*Don’t run in sneakers that aren’t made for running. I made the mistake in doing this when I first started running and my feet hurt like hell.

*Running is one thing, but not fueling through a long run is another. Not fueling properly during runs could be detrimental to your runs. Energy gels are helpful to ingest throughout your run.

*Skipping breakfast is NOT optional. You must eat to fuel your body, if you don’t eat, just don’t run. Well, not really but you understand my drift.

*Feeling like you need to pack your whole world with you while you run can slow you down. I used to run with a fanny pack to help carry what I needed, but I slowly realized that the fanny pack was way too heavy and I just recently switched to a lighter expandable belt which feels like nothing when I’m running with it.

*Worrying about the next runner isn’t going to help you with your run. Don’t compare yourself, your pace and your time is what matters, when you start to compare, you start to doubt.

*Remember the number one rule. DON’T TRY ANYTHING NEW ON RACE DAY.

Overall running is something that can’t be learned overnight, something that might work for you for an amount of time might not work for you later on in life. Be able to adapt and/or change your routine and don’t feel pressure to try something new that could possibly work, or don’t be afraid to say no because what you’re doing is currently working.

Have fun while running, remember it’s a sport that you’re doing for fun, but also want to excel at the sport as well.

Mini Oakley 10K: Recap

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Who loves an all women’s race? I do!

Last Saturday I ran the Oakley Women’s 10K and let me tell you, it was super hot and humid, so lets face it, I don’t do my best work in the heat, but it’s better than freezing temperatures, strike that, I don’t like the heat.

I knew going into this race I had no plans of a PR due to a long workweek and really, really, REALLY hot temperatures, two things that hindered me and I just knew I needed to take it easy.
Of course I met up with the BGR ladies and took our group photo.

(There’s me with the pink headband on the right)

After that, I headed off to the bathrooms and I finally run into this beauty Alicia and met her friend Ashley (who I didn’t take a picture with.)

This ended up being the same course as the UAEHK 10K race in central park, but the first mile or so was done outside of the park which was fine, nothing too different.

I remember as we hit the 5K mark that marathonfoto were giving us complementary photos, so I had to remember to smile, but to also try and obtain a “serious” running photo, because lets face it, I love to look “serious” while running.

At the end of the race I met up with my friend Miriam and took some pictures and headed over to Starbucks to grab something to eat and then it was a train ride back home because we had to work later that night.

Isn’t this medal super cute? I’m not a fan of a lot of pink, but this medal is just the cutest I’ve received thus far.

Overall this race was very congested and it seemed as if there was always a bottleneck until about mile five. It was very hard to navigate and get around the course and water stations were just a nightmare, but other than that it was a great race.

How do you beat running in the heat? How comfortable are you running in heat? 

#1MillionMinutes with #SweatPink

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Today is the official start of #1MillionMinutes with #Sweatpink. What we’re doing as a community is logging every minute and every second of activity that we take part in from now until August 22nd. So down below is a fun mad lib that explains what my goals are for myself and the community as well as my favorite ways to stay active.

Here we go..

I am so excited to join #1MillionMinutes with #sweatpink! This summer my goal is to do 3,600 minutes of running, biking, yoga, strength and weight training, while wearing my favorite teal and pink “LIFT IT” shirt.

I predict that we’ll smash the goal of #1MillionMinutes - we’ll actually hit 1,500,000 of minutes this summer! I predict that running will be the top-logged movement.

I'll get extra minutes in by walking to and from the train stations here in NYC!

My favorite way to get extra minutes in is by sprinting with myself. I am my own BEST activity partner because I am so accountable for my workouts and myself. My favorite way to relax post-workout is to shower and take a nap.

How are you going to help us achieve #1MillionMinutes this summer? I would love to know what kind of activities you guys are taking part in and hey, maybe we can do them together. 

Use the hashtag #1MillionMinutes, the activity you completed and the minutes you stayed active for to chat with us. 

Confidence and Comfort

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1)   The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.
2)   The state of feeling certain about the truth of something.
3)   A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

The word confidence has MANY different meanings. The meaning however I feel I most identify with and probably some of you guys as well is the last one. “A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

It took me awhile to find some confidence within myself and a lot of that had to do with weight issues or not feeling pretty enough, so I’ve decided it was time for me to change what I could and improve on what I couldn’t.

For me most of this stemmed from weight and I’ve gotten a hold of that, slowly changing and transforming my body to fit me, to mold my comfortability and me. Of course I know I’m not there 100% YET, but I am making that change to no longer feel inadequate to anyone.

I’m mentioning this because I never thought I would get to a place where I was comfortable wearing crop tops, racer back tanks, shorts or even a sleeveless shirt. All of these items have changed me in a way I view myself. And I know it might sound ridiculous to say clothes have “changed” me but it’s true, because while I still wore clothes, it would never the type of clothes I felt like I should have been in. Being able to be confident enough to walk outside in clothes that I truly felt comfortable in was and is a beautiful feeling.

The reason that I’ve decided to bring this up is because many people still don’t have the confidence, still don’t have the courage to wear what they feel like because of this notion that “society” has placed on us. Yes it took me awhile and yes my “breakthrough” happened because I’ve lost weight, but I wish I felt comfortable before that. Life is way too short to “hold off” on yourself and your happiness, transform right now and own yourself, own who your are and own what you believe in and I promise you everything will come into place.


UAEHK 10K Recap!

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I ran the United Arab Emirates healthy kidney 10K almost two weeks ago and it was nice calm race. It was the second time I’ve ran in Central Park, (the first was when I ran the United NYC Half) and it was so hilly which wasn’t good for my ankle that I’ve been having problems with.

One of the things that made this race enjoyable was the late start time. 9:00am, I mean I didn’t have to leave my house until 7:15am which freaked me out a bit because I almost forgot that I was running a race that morning since I was home so late.

When I arrived to race central I was 40 minutes early, which gave me enough time to stretch and take multiple selfies.

This race almost felt too easy, too smooth. It wasn’t congested as most NYRR races are, there wasn’t any feeling anxiousness that I usually get when I run races, it was just a relaxing six miles.
I will say at one point of the race was super hot and there was just no hiding from the sun. I could feel my skin getting hot and I remembered running through some sprinklers to cool myself down, which worked. I also ended up running in my sunglasses because it was just too much sun to run without them.

In the end I did take this race pretty easy and I finished at 1:24:45. I didn’t run this race for time at the risk of injuring my ankle more than it was already bothersome that morning but those hills are a killer.

My next race is the Mink Oakley 10K this Saturday. What is your next race?

Runner's World Magazine Cover

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*from Runner's World

Oh my goodness. What did I just get myself into? Why did I do this and can I delete my entry? 

For those of you that don't know I recently decided to throw my name into the massive pot of "Runner's World Cover Search." What this means is I could possibly have the chance to become a finalist and land myself on the cover of Runner's World magazine. 

I never thought I would be able to say anything like that in my life. I mean, yes, it's always been a dream of mine, but to actually be very close to obtaining this opportunity, well that's just amazing. 

From the beginning of when I started running, my best friend always had several copies of Runner's World magazine at her house and I've read a couple of copies and instantly became hooked. There was a lot of useful information in these magazines from "what a runner should eat before and after a run," to "a sneaker guide for all runners," to "amazing stories of how runners overcame obstacles." So while reading these amazing articles I was motivated to become something I wasn't, a runner. 

Back then I didn't know the difference between a 5K and a marathon. I didn't understand why people would pay to run when the world was an open playground; I couldn't wrap my head around running in the rain. This was all new to me. 

But as time passed, I ran. I ran for my health and I ran to fall in love with running. I understood that a 5K was 3.1 miles and a marathon was 26.2, I understood that paying to run was an accomplishment to run with a group of people, a way to take trips and receive medals, I understood that running in the rain makes you more aware of your running and can actually clear your mind. These concepts and more are made me the runner that I am today. 

I ask that you all can take the time to vote for me. All you have to do is click this link and submit your vote. Please make sure to vote everyday as you can have one vote per day for me. I appreciate it and I hope that I make the cut. 

or you can also click on this link to vote as well. 

Voting closes on July 22nd. Please vote and tell your friends and family because I want to be on this cover BADLY. 

Happy National Running Day!

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It’s finally here, running day. I mean do we really need a day to tell us to run, we run all the time right? Still, the day to us is quite nice. So what are your plans for today? I hope running is in order.

Me? I am planning to run after I get off of work tonight and hopefully I am not too tired. But I just want to try and complete my fastest mile (according to Nike plus,) in celebration of today and if I don’t I’ll be happy that I just got out there and ran today.

So why do you guys run? What was your first race and what made you stick with the sport?
*I run because I always want to become stronger and faster than the last race I’ve completed. I run because I want to keep healthy, I run for clarity and most importantly I run for ME. 

*AirBnB Brooklyn Half