My 5th Half Marathon is Approaching

11:01 AM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

I’m running the Brooklyn Half again! Whooooo hoooooo. That’s right, this is my fifth half marathon I’ll be completing and this is also the first half marathon I’ve ever done last year back in 2014.

So what’s the run down? Here it goes.

I ran this course in 3:02:59 so anything under that is a PR on that course.
2:53:49 is my current personal best.

2:45:00 is the time I am currently trying to achieve for this upcoming race.

I’m getting myself nervous trying to put a time on this race, because recently I haven’t been able to pace myself correctly and I have been running three hour half marathons, but I am hoping that between working out, cross training, taking my nutrition seriously that there is going to be a chance in time, maybe not even a 2:45:00 time but possibly anything under 2:50, but again we’ll see.

So yes, EIGHT days until the AirBnB Brooklyn Half, slightly nervous but ready to see how this course treats me. Afterwards it’s nothing but the sun and the beach for me oh and probably a nice drink, because who doesn’t like a drink after a hard run?

Is anyone else running the Brooklyn Half? Who’s out there on the course with me?