Brooklyn Half: Injury?

6:53 PM KyannaSimone 0 Comments

Where have I been? Why did I abandon you guys? No I really didn’t abandon ya’ll but it surely has been awhile and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been way too busy just trying to get myself prepared for the AirBnB Brooklyn half and my friend came into town to run the race as well and it was eventful and also work and just keeping busy, I didn’t find time to come and talk to you guys.

So, I WILL be doing a race recap on the next post but I kind of wanted to talk about what’s currently happening with me post race. Ready?

My Asics gel nimbus 16 NYC sneakers have been my “go to” sneaker since I’ve gotten them. So of course when you purchase/receive new sneakers you have to break them in and they’re normally tight at this point. So running both the NYC half and the April fools half in these and still being tight I knew something was wrong.

I remembered I used to run in the Asics tri noosa 9’s and those were so comfortable and I thought to myself  “I need a pair of sneakers like these,” and I bought something similar. Why didn’t I just buy this pair? Don’t ask.

So I ended up getting some New Balances that were a good fit and this is what I ran the Brooklyn half in.

I felt so good running in these New Balances that 2:45 goal was in reach and I experienced no pain, just nothing so I knew these are it.

However, shortly after finishing the race I started to experience a severe pain in my right ankle and my right calf and now I have both KT tape and ice on my leg.

I’ve made an appointment for tomorrow and hopefully it’s nothing too serious, get some scans done and lets pray for the best because I surely have a 10K to run next weekend.

My current situation folks, hoping I get better because not even medication is working right now.