AirBnB Brooklyn Half Race Recap!

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This is not going to be the same type of race recap I usually do only because this race felt VERY different. I felt empowered, strong and comfortable when the Brooklyn half this time around. I was so proud and pleased with what I’ve accomplished and myself and I couldn’t be happier.

As you guys know I went in with a goal of completing this race in 2:45:00. I knew that was possible because of my pervious half marathon best of 2:53, so 2:45 is right in reach of that goal.

I made sure to asked both NYRR and the volunteers at the Brooklyn half expo if there was going to be a 2:45 pacer since there wasn’t one at the NYC half and both answers were “yes,” so I at ease with being able to make this goal.

My friend Avonna also came and to NY to run this race from PA and she was staying with me for the weekend, so that was also a huge plus for me because it made the weekend that much better.
Here’s me before I left me house trying to be cute.

So it’s the morning of the race and I’m feeling good about my time. I’ve stretched, got my fuel and I am just ready to go and knock this out of the park. As I keep my thoughts to myself, I find other members of BlackGirlsRun and we walk over to take this big group picture.

Seriously, this group of amazing women will always have you lifted in spirits. In my eyes, there isn’t a woman on this team who doesn’t want to uplift and inspire another woman, this was just amazing and a great site to see.

After this picture, we all head over to the start line, I see the 2:45 pacers and I tell myself I need to stay with them if I am going to have any chance of obtaining this goal and that I do.

For the first 10 miles, I was with both pacers, I kept it going and I was starting to feel it in my legs, but it was nothing that I couldn’t push though until I got to the finish line. I realized that both pacers were doing a little over a 12:35 pace because I felt as if I was running super fast but it was just something I wasn’t used to but I know that’s where I need to be.

At mile 11, my right hamstring started to tighten up and I couldn’t believe it. I slowly started to see the pacers disappear from my view and I immediately become frustrated, there was a point I had to stop at the side of the course and just stretch because it was impossible to walk. I was so close, but just so far.

In the end, I crossed the finish line at 2:58:51. I’m not happy with this time, but proud of myself that I was able to maintain such a pace and such a goal for myself for a sustained amount of time. I knew that had I not caught that cramp in my leg, I would have been at the finish line at 2:45, but listen there would be many more races to run and many other chances to PR a course.

Sorry I didn’t write this recap as how I usually do, but I was just too lost in the zone to remember everything mile by mile, I just know what happened to me at mile 11 and that was it.

Here are some more pictures from the race. I officially qualified for half fanatics and I just have to pay for my membership to be inducted into the family! Whooo hooo.

Next race, UAE Healthy Kidney 10K.

Brooklyn Half: Injury?

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Where have I been? Why did I abandon you guys? No I really didn’t abandon ya’ll but it surely has been awhile and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been way too busy just trying to get myself prepared for the AirBnB Brooklyn half and my friend came into town to run the race as well and it was eventful and also work and just keeping busy, I didn’t find time to come and talk to you guys.

So, I WILL be doing a race recap on the next post but I kind of wanted to talk about what’s currently happening with me post race. Ready?

My Asics gel nimbus 16 NYC sneakers have been my “go to” sneaker since I’ve gotten them. So of course when you purchase/receive new sneakers you have to break them in and they’re normally tight at this point. So running both the NYC half and the April fools half in these and still being tight I knew something was wrong.

I remembered I used to run in the Asics tri noosa 9’s and those were so comfortable and I thought to myself  “I need a pair of sneakers like these,” and I bought something similar. Why didn’t I just buy this pair? Don’t ask.

So I ended up getting some New Balances that were a good fit and this is what I ran the Brooklyn half in.

I felt so good running in these New Balances that 2:45 goal was in reach and I experienced no pain, just nothing so I knew these are it.

However, shortly after finishing the race I started to experience a severe pain in my right ankle and my right calf and now I have both KT tape and ice on my leg.

I’ve made an appointment for tomorrow and hopefully it’s nothing too serious, get some scans done and lets pray for the best because I surely have a 10K to run next weekend.

My current situation folks, hoping I get better because not even medication is working right now.

My 5th Half Marathon is Approaching

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I’m running the Brooklyn Half again! Whooooo hoooooo. That’s right, this is my fifth half marathon I’ll be completing and this is also the first half marathon I’ve ever done last year back in 2014.

So what’s the run down? Here it goes.

I ran this course in 3:02:59 so anything under that is a PR on that course.
2:53:49 is my current personal best.

2:45:00 is the time I am currently trying to achieve for this upcoming race.

I’m getting myself nervous trying to put a time on this race, because recently I haven’t been able to pace myself correctly and I have been running three hour half marathons, but I am hoping that between working out, cross training, taking my nutrition seriously that there is going to be a chance in time, maybe not even a 2:45:00 time but possibly anything under 2:50, but again we’ll see.

So yes, EIGHT days until the AirBnB Brooklyn Half, slightly nervous but ready to see how this course treats me. Afterwards it’s nothing but the sun and the beach for me oh and probably a nice drink, because who doesn’t like a drink after a hard run?

Is anyone else running the Brooklyn Half? Who’s out there on the course with me?