You Know You're a Runner When...

8:56 PM KyannaSimone 2 Comments

We've all heard this saying before and the wild, outlandish reasoning that come to follow. I've heard a few good ones in these last couple of years and I thought this would be the perfect time to share them with you! 

Let's have some fun! You know you're a running when... 

You collect these medium sized papers with large numbers on the front and place them on your wall or wherever they can be seen. (We call these bibs) 

When you're trying to plan your next vacation and the first thing that goes through your head is "Is there a race that weekend?" 

When someone asks you "did you win?" And you automatically go into defensive mode and explain how running isn't about "winning." 

You're constantly looking for new terrain to run on.

Your house or car has water bottles all over it. 

KT Tape is your best friend.

Carb loading means "EAT ALL OF THE PASTA!" 

Sometimes you appreciate rolling hills on a course. 

It's hard for you to taper because you want to run all the time. 

You have a medal rack and then instantly think "this is not enough." 

Because you can never have too much deodorant. 

You're trying to decide if you should take a selfie during the race and then instantly think "Is this going to affect my time.?" 

P and R are your favorite letters. 

You make your playlist to tempo how you run. 

Watching coverage of races isn't boring to you AT ALL. 

Most times, you're already in running gear. 

You try to purchase "non-running clothes" but you end up buying more workout/running gear. 

Jordan who? All you know is Asics, New Balance, Hoka, and Brooks etc. 

While running you're thinking about where to go for lunch. 

Waking up at three and four in the morning is no surprise to you. 

You have so many GPS and fitness trackers your arm becomes invisible.

Not running makes you anxious. 

Every new workout always starts with "I'm I going to be able to run after this?" 

You have way more running/workout gear than "non-running clothes." 

You're contemplating to spend $100 on groceries but don't hesitate to spend the same $100 on a race. 

By this time next year you already have a couple of races picked out and possibly registered for. 

Sleep, sleep and sleep. Just sleep. 

You know the mantra "nothing new on race day." 

Constantly thinking about how you're going to build speed. 

Long runs, because we all need them. 

Can't get rid of an overused running sneaker because it's too hard to part with. 

You've become overly frustrated with the Nike+ app. (Sorry Nike, fix your app.) 

You understand the importance of carbohydrates. 

Losing a toenail isn’t a big deal.

Foam rollers become your best friend.

You rather someone purchase your race entry as a gift instead of giving you something else.

Runner’s World comes to your doorstep each month.

Energy gels are all around your house.


I could go on and on about the list of things that make us runners, but seriously the one common thing that makes all of us runners is the fact that we run, simple and to the point. Once your feet touch the pavement, you’re a runner and no one else can tell you other wise.


  1. Hehe! Love this. You know you are a runner when you carry body glide in your purse