Life Update!

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What’s been going on folks? I feel like I haven’t spoken to you guys on a personal level in awhile right? So I guess it’s that time.

Currently I am working two gym jobs, yes I said it two gym jobs. One in the city and one in Brooklyn and I like both of them, the gym surely feel like home to me so why not work at “home?”

Since January I’ve been learning Spanish! My entire family speaks Spanish and not I, I’ve decided to finally learn, also these days it’s great to be bilingual. It’s fairly easy because I have some what of a background in Spanish so I understand certain words, but forming sentences is proving to be challenging, so I’m struggling with that. I’m hoping to be done and fully ready to converse by the end of this year, do you think that’s possible?

My weight hasn’t budged much and I know exactly why so I can’t and won’t complain. I just know I have to start buckling down more, so I decided to come up with a workout/running schedule for the week as well as a workout program that I can follow. This way it would be tailored to me and there wouldn't be any excuses as to why I couldn’t get into the gym. Nutrition as well, I just did a 40-day cleanse (lent) of sweets and I find myself eating every single candy in the book, ugh. Back to the drawing board.

One more thing before I go, I got offered an amazing opportunity recently, however I am waiting for the company to do a “kick-off” and once they do, I will be able to announce to you guys what the opportunity is. I’m super excited and grateful for it and I just can’t wait to start working with them. Ahhhh, can you feel my excitement?

That’s it for now my loves, until next time. Catch me up with your lives. What have you guys been doing?

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