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Happy TWO-year anniversary to this blog! Can you believe it, two years already because it seems that only yesterday I was writing my one-year anniversary post, but two years are you guys have stuck with me, listened and provided feedback on my life and that I am very appreciative for.

So I want to take it back starting from day one. Anyone who remembers and has been a reader since then knows that this blog wasn’t always “KissTheRunner” way back when it was first titled “SlimIntoONEderland.” I blogged about pretty much about what I do today, but it was more of a focus of my journey of being overweight, my poor eating habits and what I was doing in terms of working out and trying to keep healthy. Weighing over 200lbs was the reasoning for the titling “ONEderland” because it was my journey of getting under 199lbs.

The reason for the name change was more of a business move but a slight personal one as well. I wanted to open myself up for new opportunities and grow my blog to heights I’ve never imagined. I felt I couldn’t do that under the name “SlimIntoONEderland,” because a lot of the time I would have to explain because of the misunderstanding behind the meaning or it was just too long to remember. Changing the name to “KissTheRunner” was very difficult for me because I loved my pervious name and it was hard to part with, but in my eyes if I wanted to grow, I had to let the name go.

Since it’s been two years I want to do a giveaway for all my readers, you guys have been with me for these two years, my ups and my downs and I want to celebrate you guys!

I’m giving way one pack of KT Tape (comes with 20 strips) and one pack of strawberry Shot Bloks.

I just want to celebrate you guys and I hope that you all stick around of the years to come. I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for staying by my side and ENTER, ENTER, ENTER!!