Getting Ready for Race Day

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So you have two weeks to get prepared for your race, you’ve done all your training and now it’s just a matter of getting last minute gels, clothing and food ready before the big day. Here’s some tips so you won’t feel frazzled.

Two weeks out: Go over your training, be proud of the miles you’ve logged and what you’ve accomplished. If you’re like me and like to look cute on race day, think of an outfit you’re planning to wear and go and purchase it. Whether it maybe funky tights, or mixed matched socks, go get these items this week if you haven’t done so already. The last thing you want is to not feel like yourself, especially if you have it in your mind to wear something specific.  

One week out: Start thinking about what you usually run with, is it water? Energy gels? A fanny pack? All three? This is the week to get your things in order. However you carry your items, or maybe you don’t carry items, this is the week to figure that out and purchase whatever you need. Also this is a good time to update your music playlist, (if you run with music) running to the same songs can get boring and might hinder your running.

Four days out: Think about what you’re going to eat for the next two to three days. (carb loading) Pasta or rice, whichever it is. Purchase it and prepare it. Make enough so you don’t have to keep cooking constantly.

Two days out:  Take out your race clothes, bib and whatever else you're going to need. This includes socks, layers,  (if it's cold) sneakers, money, whichever. Also think about "race morning" breakfast. Do you have your necessities? Your staples? If not, this is the day to grab those items. Take this day to freak out about everything you need, you don't want to rush the night before. 

The Night Before: This is your night to relax. Get a good night sleep and set your mind for race day. Eat and shower early so you can go to bed early. Stretch, foam roll and stretch some more. Set your alarm early enough for you to get dressed

Race Day: Don't hit that snooze button. Get up and start getting dressed. Complete your morning race day rituals. I like to stretch before I leave the house and watch reruns of Dancing with the Stars. Get to the starting line, have a good race and have fun. 

I hope this helped. Usually this is the schedule I follow leading up to race day only because I don't like to be frantic, but maybe frantic is what some of you like and that's ok also. Whatever it is, the end result will be the same. To race well...

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