Get Ready With Me: NYC Half

9:42 AM KyannaSimone 1 Comments

I need help you guys! 

As you know the United NYC Half in just THREE days away. And I'm just getting ready to prep everything from my outfit, to my fuel. However I currently have a dilemma, I am not sure how to style my hair. I know this sounds very frivolous but this is important, I want to make sure that I can keep my hair out of my face and what's going to be comfortable. 

So, I've established that, but now I'm stuck between two hairstyles. A high puff and a high bun. Both are very cute and very reasonable to run in, but now I need to pick one and that's where I need your help. 

Pick either puff or bun and the hairstyle with the most votes wins. Yes, I'll be wearing my BlackGirlsRun! headband so that's non negotiable. And if you don't like neither then suggest something to me, I'm open to suggestions. 

Who's running the NYC Half? When are you going to the expo? When am I meeting you? Let me know! 

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